9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort

it's a small world

2. Using Flash Photography

We all want to remember rides when we go back home from our vacation, which is why some people love to take pictures while riding, however, there is a reason why rules are so important, including no flash photography. This is one of the most frequent rules on most rides at the happiest place on earth. There are several signs and announcements made before boarding a ride that doesn’t allow flash photography, but you would be surprised as to how many people ignore those announcements and flash away. There are many reasons as to why this rule is so important. For one thing, most guests enjoying rides do not want the magic ruined by having flashes constantly going off. Also, performers can be greatly affected by flash photography, which would ruin their performances. In addition, there are guests that suffer from medical conditions (such as seizures or epilepsy) that can be triggered by the use of the bright flash in a dark space. Next time you want to take pictures of a ride, make sure your flash is completely turned off to avoid disrupting the experience for other guests.

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