9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Sticking Body Parts Outside of Your Vehicle

I can pretty much recite the “Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle” speeches given at every ride because I hear them so frequently. This is another rule that you would think would be common sense, but for some adults (and some curious kids) it is a common issue at many of the Disney parks. Kids love to touch anything, so the little ones may have to be reminded a few times about keeping their body parts inside the ride vehicle, but adults? I don’t understand why someone would want to stick their arm (or any other body part) out knowing that there are risks involved. There have been a few instances where guests have needed immediate medical attention to broken (and even missing) limbs and fingers. No matter how much you may want to touch the water or any other form of the ride, keep your body completely in your ride vehicle to avoid any injuries.

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