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9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort


7. No Eating, Drinking, or Smoking

This is an example of another “common sense” rule that gets broken often. Last month while on Tower of Terror, a gentleman next to me decided to take out a bag of Cheetos and start eating them. As the ride dropped thirteen floors, Cheetos where flying in the air and went all over the ride. Several guests complained to him when we made it out of the ride. All I could think was, “Why can’t this gentleman wait less than 5 minutes (duration of the ride) and then eat the Cheetos when he gets off the ride?” It could have been a joke for all I know, but it is not necessary. Food and drinks can easily spill and make a mess if you’re not careful, making it more work for the employees to clean up after you. There are also very few people that have tried smoking in lines of rides or on rides themselves. There are designated smoking areas throughout the park. Be courteous to those that do not like the smell of cigarettes or those that may have a health condition.

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