9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort

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One of the main reasons guests travel to Disney is for the iconic rides! Everyone loves a good Disney ride because they are unlike any other ride that you will go on at any other park. Their detail and ability to use special effects, speed, and infuse your favorite characters and films is uncanny. Unfortunately, some guests feel the need to act a bit mischievous and behave in an unlikely manner. This can result in being kicked out of the parks for the day, and depending on the severity of the behavior, kicked out forever. Guests want to enjoy their Disney vacation, including the rides, without any drama. Here are 9 things you should never do on rides at Walt Disney World.

1. Flashing the Ride Camera

This may sound ridiculous to most people, but there have been many guests that try and sometimes successfully flash an inappropriate body part to the cameras on rides. Let’s not forget that there are children everywhere. What kind of a role model would you be to a child if you do this? While its always fun to go a little crazy, flashing others is totally inappropriate inside a theme park geared towards little ones. Not to mention, you may have some pretty upset and outspoken people on your same cart that can be overly protective and say a few rods to you that you may not like. Your safety also becomes an issue if you have to get out of your seat to achieve flashing. This can be very dangerous, especially if speed or water related rides are a factor. Spare your flashes for another time, and keep your body parts where they belong, under your clothing.

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