How To Do Walt Disney World In 5 Days

Day 5.

Now is a good time to revisit any favorite parks or attractions. (If you didn’t see Fantasmic! yet at Hollywood Studios, now is an excellent opportunity to see it as your Disney send-off.) Besides choosing your last night experience, spend the rest of your last Disney day relaxing or repeating favorites (be sure to go on a safari in the Animal Kingdom again–with animals as the stars, this experience is truly one-of-a-kind every time). Many visitors feel pressure to really, really enjoy their last day–but having fun under pressure is rarely easy! Eat a lot of food today, especially if you have room to spare in your meal plan, and slow down the pace; just as you began your trip with a relaxing day, so should you end it. The same goes for your last Disney night: take some time, whether it’s at a show like Wishes or in your resort lounge, to breathe and recognize that you just had a marvelous, magical vacation. Then head home to reminisce! Or brag. Whichever you prefer.

If there are any special events going on that might risk changing your park order, by all means change it! Every Disney vacation is magical, no matter how you do it. Some things, however, can make all the difference: go with people you love and enjoy being with, don’t try to diet, and, above all, avoid a full schedule. Disney’s magic is in its surprises, so brace yourself for anything and let us know how your five-day trip goes!

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By Becky

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