How To Do Walt Disney World In 5 Days

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Most of us, when confronted with the ever-so-stressful problem of planning a Disney trip, might balk at the idea of a shorter vacation. After all, there’s an awful lot to do! However, not all of our budgets allow for us to make our trips as long as we would like. Don’t panic if this is you–and don’t try to power-walk yourself into any injuries, either. With the following schedule, you can come up with five Disney days that make your short trip a relaxing and fulfilling one!

Beginning Tips: Make sure you get a little extra sleep before your vacation, because these next five days might be a bit busy. In addition, try to go to Disney during the school year (also known as the off-season) but before holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or spring break; this will allow you to avoid some extra crowds. More importantly, the cooler weather will also cut down any desires you might have to visit either of Disney’s water parks. On such a short trip and without sweltering summer heat, you can enjoy the rest of Disney–and cool off in your resort’s pool, if needed–instead of using half a day’s time for Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach! And in case you didn’t know: reservations are key for any high-priority Disney experiences.

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Don’t start with the big-name Disney parks, particularly if you are starting your vacation on a weekend or at the beginning of the week, as so many other visitors will be doing. Instead, head to Hollywood Studios; save the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom for later in the week. Get Fastpasses for whichever rides you specifically want, such as the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror, and be sure to stop for lunch at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe for a peanut-butter-and-jelly-milkshake. The rest of your day can be spent seeing the park’s fantastic shows and indoor attractions! If you find yourself winding down towards the late afternoon, don’t fight it. Head back to your resort (resorts deserve your attention too!) and have a nap by the pool or in a quiet outdoor area. Just because your trip is short does not mean that a hurried pace or a restless experience is necessary. After your nap, head to dinner at your own resort, then back to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic!. If you’d rather visit another park or enjoy some of your resort’s activities that night, go right ahead; Fantasmic! also makes a great conclusion to a Disney vacation, so you can see it at the end.

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