The 4 Best and 4 Worst Times to Travel to Disney

Cinderella's Castle at Christmas

The Worst of Times…

During peak travel season, expect to pay top-dollar for your on-site resort, as well as for gas or airfare. The same room at a resort can cost up to 50-75% more at Easter than during January. At 11am, the line for Space Mountain might be nearly 2 hours long (and it may be that long at Toy Story Mania within minutes of park opening). Meeting Ana and Elsa without a FastPass+? Out of the question, unless you want to wait for upwards of 4 hours. And yes, you’ll be walking down Main Street shoulder to shoulder with the masses. On a crowd size scale of 1-10, this type of day is a 9 or 10. You also probably had to make your dining reservations WAY in advance, and your top choices may have been booked already. I hate to tell you this, but even the restaurants use “peak pricing” and charge more during these times. We must remember that Disney is not a non-profit magic factory, but a business. The concepts of supply and demand are alive and well. But please remember- these “worst” times are also really special. Did you know that Disney has an Easter parade? Want to be in Disney during Christmas? These experiences might outweigh the potential hassle of traveling at these times.

1. Holiday Hectic:

A few days before Christmas and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the busiest weeks of the year. It’s also very expensive to travel and to stay at the resort. Being at Disney on Christmas is very magical, but keep in mind that the Christmas parade you see on TV is actually taped several weeks prior to Christmas.

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