Sensational Disney World Jobs For A Happy Retirement

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5. Park First-Aid Station Attendant

Each park has a first-aid station where you can treat small wounds or get Band-Aids and such. Looking for a job inside the park that doesn’t involve much walking around or busyness? This is a great opportunity to help others and help turn someone's day around!

6. Beignet Baker

Everybody loves these delicious little treats found inside the food court at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter. Usually there is one cast member there, baking them as they are ordered. This is a perfect position for someone who loves baking, or wants to learn. Of course, if you have a sweet spot for baked goods, you might want to consider something more active and just make friends with the actual baker!

7. Buffet Waiter/Waitress

The is quite a difference between being a waiter or waitress at a buffet versus a regular table service restaurant. Often buffet servers take guests’ drink orders and clear away their plates. No carrying around huge trays of food here, or trying to remember complicated orders! This is an opportunity to converse with happy guests and let your personality shine!

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