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Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

Minnie Mickey Kiss

Which Disney couple are you? What similar traits and personal goals do you have? And who are you going to be like? Will you have the love like Mickey and Minnie or will you have the complex relationship like Rapunzel and Flynn? You will never know unless you take this quiz to find out!

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How Well Do You Know Disney’s Tangled?


Get ready for the ultimate Tangled trivia challenge. Play along with QuizVid to test how well you remember the animated classic Tangled. Where did Rapunzel and Flynn first meet? What color are Maximus’s eyes!? Take the QuizVid challenge today!

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Can You Guess The Disney Movie By The Opening Credits

Can You Guess The Disney Movie By The Opening Credits?

A Disney movie is iconic from start to finish. There is something magical about the first screen that sets you up for an adventure. We love a challenge and were surprised at how many of these we had to take a minute to think about! Can you answer them all correctly? What Disney Movie Are They Presenting?

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