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Disney Guest Behavior Has Gotten So Bad, Not Even Service Dogs Are Safe

service dog kicked at Space Mountain

Since the end of the pandemic, Guest behavior at Walt Disney Parks around the world has gotten out of control. There have been numerous fights, obnoxious behavior, and even a fight with a fake service dog. The Washington Post said that after returning to everyday life after years of the pandemic, people simply forgot how to act in public, and ...

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This Space Mountain Fact Feels Fake…But May Surprise You

space mountain disney park

A fan shared a fact he just learned about Disney’s Space Mountain that sounds fake…but is actually not far from the truth. One of the best parts of going to a Disney Park is enjoying the incredible rides and attractions on offer. Of all these, Space Mountain is one of the most iconic Disney rides in any Disney resort, whether ...

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Parents Ignore Child’s Accident to Ride Space Mountain

Disneyland Space Mountain accident

Disney theme parks are a place to go to relax and enjoy yourself. However, certain realities come with the magic when people from all walks of life are streaming into the same place. An incident involving Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort in California spoiled one visitor’s ride experience. This Disneyland Space Mountain accident is just about one of the most ...

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A Popular Disney Ride Will Close for Refurbishment This Fall

Space Mountain refurbishment

Disney theme parks often undergo periods of refurbishment in order to provide updates and maintenance to iconic attractions. With Splash Mountain currently closed at Disneyland in California, Guests are left without a beloved ride. Now, visitors to the Park this fall will not have the option to experience another iconic mountain attraction. Space Mountain Refurbishment at Disneyland Resort in California ...

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Tearful Disney Guest Faces Backlash for Being Too Emotional

disney guest behavior

Any seasoned Disney World or Disneyland Guest can tell you that Disney Fanatics are often emotional folk (and we suspect that Disney-loving people who are visiting international Disney Parks can be passionate about Disney, too), so crying on a Disney Park day might not seem strange to some readers. However, one Disneyland Guest’s recent tear-filled Disney visit did shock some ...

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Change is in the Air: Iconic Ride Space Mountain Sees Signs of Demolition

space mountain tokyo disney resort

Demolition has seemingly officially begun on the beloved Disney ride Space Mountain. Change is a constant at the Disney Parks, any Disney fan knows the feeling of their favorite ride closing for refurbishment, being given a seasonal overlay, or occasionally the opening of a brand new ride like TRON: Lightcycle/Run in Magic Kingdom Park in the Walt Disney World Resort. ...

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Disney World Updates Distinctive Space Mountain Feature

Space Mountain PhotoPass

Disney World is known for its continuous evolution and commitment to Guest satisfaction. The theme park has recently introduced a small but significant update to one of its beloved rides. Space Mountain has seen a notable transformation that fans of the attraction will instantly notice. Whether the visual change works or not is up for debate. Disney’s History of Change ...

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Disney Removes Children From Attraction, Makes Frantic Mother Stay On Ride Without Explanation

Disney takes children

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Recently, a distraught mother took to social media to recount a troubling experience that occurred during a recent trip to a popular Disney Park. Obviously unable to hide her frustration, she detailed how her children were abruptly forced out of their ride cart once they boarded as a family, leaving her confused and distressed. Despite ...

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Redditor Shares a Terrifying Look at a Classic Disney Attraction With the Lights On

Space Mountain

Disney Guests know to keep their hands, arms, and legs firmly inside the ride vehicle for one of Walt Disney World’s most iconic—and oldest—attractions. Prominently placed in the heart of Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland stands a permanent fixture in Disney fans’ hearts. Visible from Disney’s Contemporary Resort and recognized worldwide, Space Mountain is a symbolic Disney ride that’s been around ...

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Disney Officially Breaks Ground on $400+ Million Attraction Set to Open in 2027

Tokyo Disney Space Mountain

At this Disney Park, construction is underway to complete a reimagined Tomorrowland and Space Mountain attraction. While Star Wars fans have gotten a taste of Disneyland’s Hyperspace Mountain for short stints in 2022 and 2023, a whole new level of Imagineering is taking place lightyears away from Anaheim. Hailed by Disney enthusiasts as “Disney’s best Park,” Tokyo Disneyland is undertaking ...

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