Walt Disney World

The 12 Best Disney Experiences of All Time

Walt Disney World is such an amazing vacation destination and one of the most popular in the world. There are so many unique and magical experiences to have all throughout this marvelous resort. The following are my top 12 best Disney experiences of all time in no particular order.

12. Fireworks and light show over and on Cinderella’s Castle

This is a no brainer. Where else can you witness such a beautiful and awe inspiring firework and lighting show on and above one of the most recognizable castles on the planet. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Thats where! It has changed and evolved over the years to become one amazing magical unforgettable experience and is not to be missed.

11. Closing down the Magic Kingdom

There is something so peaceful and serene about walking down Main Street as one of the last guests to leave the Magic Kingdom. I do this on every trip at least once. It is such an amazing and sometimes emotional experience and one of my favorites!

10. Strolling around the “World”

Where else but Walt Disney World and Epcots World Showcase can you take an afternoon stroll around the “World”. You can experience Disney detail at its finest even down to the cast members being from the particular country they are working in. Each and every pavilion in World Showcase has some amazing things to see and do and most importantly, EAT!. There are some of the best dining experiences in all of Walt Disney World in World Showcase.

9. Meeting your favorite character

Every Disney fan has a favorite character and when you finally get a chance to meet that character in person it is truly magical. Interacting with them is so much fun and can make for such a wonderful experience that is unlike any other theme park.

8. Taking one of the amazing tours

Walt Disney World offers some very unique and amazing tours all throughout the resort. From the Behind the Seeds tour at The Land Pavilion, to the Keys to the Kingdom tour at the Magic Kingdom there are so many different types that each one will give you an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime!

7. Seeing the first Disney sign

I can remember loading up in the family station wagon and hitting the road for Walt Disney World from Arkansas. We would make it a game to see who was going to see the first WDW sign. Even to this day I get butterflies in my stomach when I see that first sign and even more so when I see the main sign welcoming you to The Most Magical Place on Earth!

6. Riding the classic attractions

Riding the classics at Walt Disney World is a truly magical experience and not to be missed. They really show the essence of Walt Disney and represent everything the Disney company stands for with the attention to detail in every aspect of the entire attraction from the que line to the exit.

5. Seeing the parks at night

Walt Disney World at night seems to transform into a completely different experience than the daytime and is breathtaking. Each and every park and resort as well as Disney Springs lights up and sets a certain mood that matches the area of each park or resort.

4. Making memories to last a lifetime

One of the greatest Disney experiences of all time is actually a little more than just one but has to be the amazing memories that are made with each and every trip. This is the reason that I am such a huge Disney fan even today. When I think back to all my family’s trips to Walt Disney World it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I look forward to the many more memories to be made with future trips!

3. Arriving at the top of Spaceship Earth

I took my wife to Walt Disney World for the first time in 2009. The first attraction that we rode was Spaceship Earth. To this day she tells me that arriving at the top and see all the stars and the scene with the music was an experience she’ll forget. I had to agree with her. Thinking back to the first time I rode it when Epcot first opened that was such an amazing experience. The only difference was that my first time it was Walter Cronkite as my tour guide and later it was Judy Dench.

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2. Themed dining

Walt Disney World is full of truly amazing dining experiences. There are so many different and uniquely themed restaurants all over WDW that you could spend and entire trip trying them all. Weather you’re dining with exotic animals right at your doorstep or under the sea watching the fish swim by and sometime even a famous mouse, there are any number of amazing experiences that are not to be missed.

1. Letting out your Disney spirit

One thing that keeps guests coming back to Walt Disney World year after year is being around so many other Disney fans who understand what it means to have the “Disney spirit”. It is truly amazing and is infectious to be around so much happiness and joy and such a great experience. One can’t help but let out their inner child and dance in the streets and sing along to whatever Disney classic tune that happens to be playing! It is what Walt wanted after all, a bunch of adults who are acting like children!

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