The 6 Worst Attractions At Walt Disney World - #3

It's A Small World

3. It’s a Small World

I have a love/hate relationship with it’s a small world. I love the concept and the history behind it. I love learning about what went into designing this attraction. I love the message it is trying to get across. I hate being stuck in the last room with the song playing over and over, sometimes while being bumped by the boat behind you. This often happens at it’s a small world, because the load/unload area only has room for one boat. With only one boat at a time being loaded and unloaded, the other boats cannot move up to this area quick enough, which causes a backup. I completely understand that guests cannot be expected to move faster to make up for this, but the problem would be alleviated if there were a faster way to move this process along. The solution seems to be to add at least one or two more load/unload areas along the dock, though it does not look like there is room for any kind of expansion over there. Basically, I love the ride, probably more than most people, but I don’t enjoy being held up in the last room.

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