The Best Ways To Find Characters At Walt Disney World

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3. The Park Maps & Times Guides

If you’re a Disney purist, perhaps the classic bunch is all you’re interested in. And if you are a bit old school then you’ll probably prefer to do things the old fashioned way, too, and rely on a paper map instead of a mobile app. Pick one up at any park entrance, along with a Times Guide, and go about your treasure hunt. Yes, the app is great, but there’s nothing wrong with trusting your own instincts, either.

Even if you aren’t a purist, sometimes using nothing more than pen and paper can make your experience more magical. Maybe you’re a fan of Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow or Pocahontas, in which case marking out your own treasure map will make your experience feel more authentic. Literature is always kept up to date, but if you are in doubt you can always cross-reference it with the My Disney Experience app (even if it is cheating...).

4. Knowing Each Park and Their Lands Inside Out

This almost ties in with using with the website, and there’s certainly a pattern when it comes to most characters in Walt Disney World Resort. In short, their non-specific locations can be easily worked out. For example, you probably already know that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is where the Force is strong, or that you have a friend (and more) in the massive toy box that is Toy Story Land.

Just knowing where to start is a good start. Once you’re in the right park or the right land, you can then rely on other methods to pinpoint the exact location of a character. But knowing where you need to be in advance in order to find them will help you save time and allow you to plan your day effectively. And if you save enough time, who knows - maybe your number of Character Greetings will go to infinity and beyond!

The above tips are all very well, but sometimes you can end up feeling a little overwhelmed while in the parks. If you’re in any doubt, just ask a Cast Member. And remember that characters aren’t limited to Character Greetings, either - there are dining experiences throughout the resort in which you can enjoy the company of your favorite Disney hero! If all else fails, just use the Force… In other words, keep your eyes open!

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