The Dating Site for Disney Adults: Romantic or Dystopian?

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Disney adults, those who have an unwavering passion for all things related to the magical world created by Walt Disney, are on a quest to find their own “Happily Ever After.” To aid them on their journey towards love and companionship, a unique dating website has emerged, and it goes by the name of “Meet Upon Main.”

At Meet Upon Main, Disney enthusiasts can unite with like-minded individuals who share a deep love for all things Disney.

Whether it’s the enchanting stories of princesses and princes, the captivating charm of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or the nostalgic memories of visiting the iconic Disney park attractions, this dating website caters specifically to those who consider themselves true Disney fans.

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A Site for the World’s Disney Adults

As the name suggests, Meet Upon Main takes inspiration from the heart of Disney, Main Street, U.S.A. In a world filled with niche dating sites, this platform stands out by creating a place where Disney adults can connect, fostering an environment of shared interests and mutual admiration.

The hope is that connections made on Meet Upon Main will eventually turn into real-life interactions within the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

One of the key aspects that sets Meet Upon Main apart from generic dating platforms is the emphasis on creating a community of Disney fans.

This website goes beyond the conventional dating experience, offering users the chance to engage in discussions dedicated to discussing favorite Disney movies, sharing Disney-inspired artwork, and planning future trips to Disney parks together. The website also serves as a place to make non-romantic connections with other adults.

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“Dystopian” Dating Site Receives Backlash Online

In this fast-paced digital age, where online dating has become the norm, Meet Upon Main offers Disney fans a refreshing and tailored approach to finding love. It serves as a haven where Disney adults can let their Disney fanaticism shine and potentially find a partner who truly understands their unique quirks and passions.

However, not all people see this website as a good thing. One recent TikTok about the website has received massive amounts of criticism. In the video, a couple shares how they met on Meet Upon Main and developed a relationship through their mutual love for Disney-bounding and exploring the Disney theme parks.

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Many people in the comment section found the video to be less than romantic. Comments range from;

“disney adults literally scare me”

“No because if there’s someone who doesnt need a dating app, it’s Disney adults. Why are they always engaged?”

“Disney Adults freak me out soooooo much.”


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While most of the comments are poking fun in a lighthearted way, some are genuinely disrespectful to the couple at hand. As always, it is essential to remember to be kind to those around you even if you share different views and opinions. Regardless of your thoughts on it, Meet Upon Main has been a good thing for many people within the Disney community.

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