Things You Shouldn't Do Standing In Line At Disney Parks

Entrance Line

Using Cellphones

Technology is all around us, and the one thing almost everyone uses all day is their phone. It can be fun to take pictures in line and play games, but sometimes it’s also nice to put the phone away and have some time to connect with your family and friends. I love having conversations in lines with my family when waiting. We actually get to catch up on what’s going on in our lives without the distraction of a cell phone or tablet. There are also a lot of attractions that have short films before boarding the ride or watching a show. It can be distracting when you are trying to pay attention to these clips when others are talking on the phone or when there are noises from the games being played on them. Be sure to be aware of when to use your phone in line so that it isn’t a distraction to others.

Skipping Lines

I’ve saved the best for last. Skipping. We all hate it. There is nothing like the feeling of watching people cut right in front of you after you have been waiting for several minutes (and possibly hours) to ride or watch a show. One of the worst parts about skipping is having others tell you off with some choice words or even get cast members involved. Save yourself the embarrassment and wait the line like everyone else. It is just not fair to get ahead of others when they have been waiting.

By Becky

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