Things You Shouldn't Do Standing In Line At Disney Parks

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It’s inevitable that when visiting any of the Disney parks, you will have to stand in line when waiting for an attraction, show, restaurant, and even for transportation. When it comes to the attractions, standing in line is actually part of the experience, and typically lasts way longer than the ride itself. No one likes waiting in long lines, but without a FastPass, you will have to do it to see several attractions, so lets make the best of it and follow etiquette while were waiting. Remember that waiting in these lines isn’t enjoyable for anyone, but it can be if just a few simple rules are followed. Here are seven things not to do when standing in lines at Walt Disney World.

Getting Angry Over Height Requirements

This may not occur throughout the line, but it does take place at the very start of it. Cast members are required to check heights at the beginning and sometimes at the end of each ride. Many parents are thrilled when they visit the parks and their children are tall enough to ride some rides, but every now and again there is that one family that is so anxious for their child to ride something and their hopes come crashing down when they hear those magic words: “I’m sorry, your child isn’t tall enough to ride this”. I have seen parents fuming and yelling at the top of their lungs because their kids falls a hair short of reaching the requirements. When parents do this they are modeling behavior for their children so then the kids typically start to cry. It is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable scenario to watch as a bystander. You can’t help but feel sorry for the cast member being yelled at for just following the rules of his/her job, and then feeling sorry for the parents that just had their hopes set too high. Before having a panic attack, just tell your little one that they will enjoy it next time and get them excited for another attraction that you are sure they can be a part of. Understand that safety precautions have to take place and there are others around you trying to enjoy their vacation as well.

Neglecting Parental Responsibilities

Last year I was waiting in line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for over an hour. I was in a good mood when I first made the line but by the time I boarded the ride I was fuming. The children in front of me (ages ranging from 5-15 years old) were running all over the place, screaming at the top of their lungs, bumping into other guests constantly, and even knocking down the rope stanchions multiple times. This lasted almost the entire time we were in line. Where were their parents? Right next to them, and deeply involved in adult conversation while their children interrupt the joy of other guests around them. It wasn’t until the party in front of them told them to please watch their children, that things cooled down a bit. I understand that Disney can be a great place to unwind and let your kids get excited about the magic, but the bottom line is, they should still be watched and taught how to behave even if they are not at home or doing their normal day to day activities. It is important to guide them and model proper behavior when waiting.

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