Tips For Keeping Safe From Germs On Rides at Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort has now reopened to visitors. Yes, its four theme parks are yours to rediscover once more! However, to no surprise, rides have employed several new safety precautions designed to protect you, which includes sanitation measures to help minimize the spread of germs. There are many other ways you can keep your loved ones safe on the ride, though. After all, the last thing you want is to not experience the magic, but you don’t want to be putting yourself at risk, either. But if you follow these tips, your experience will at least be a little more worry-free. Hakuna Matata!


7. Know Before You Go

It’s vital that you keep up to date with all things Disney World before you go. There are many safety measures to be aware of, such as temperature screenings at entry points and mandatory face coverings (no, this doesn’t include Iron Man helmets). Park attendance is also now managed through the Disney Park Pass Reservation System, which means that, as well as a valid admission ticket, you’ll also need to book your attendance in advance. Stay in the know before you go, so that you don’t feel like you’re going ‘into the unknown!’

6. Don’t Touch Your Face Or Mouth

We understand that many things come as second nature, like touching your face (especially if you have an itch). Or perhaps making the most out of a delicious snack by making sure there isn’t a single trace left on your fingertips! Just remember that one of the most effective ways to avoid catching germs is to reduce or eliminate the number of times you touch your face. Aside from airborne transmission, this is the only other known way germs can actually infect you. Think of your hand as a transportation system to your mouth, if you will!

5. Use The Hand Sanitizer Stations

With that said, eliminating any germs at their source should always be the first and foremost action. Which is why making the most out of hand sanitization stations throughout the park – and, in this case, queuing systems – is of the utmost importance. You don’t need to go overboard and use every single one you see – just make sure you clean your hands thoroughly after touching any contact point. And don’t forget to give any of your more forgetful loved ones a nudge to do the same! It will also help to carry your own supply with you.

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4. Avoid Close Contact With Others

Social distancing continues throughout Walt Disney World Resort. But while measures are still in place, there will always be some people who forget, or those who might not be paying as much attention to the guidelines as they should be. Just remember to keep your distance from others where possible (though we appreciate this isn’t as easy to do while in line). Also, while it’s next to impossible in certain areas, do try to keep your group as close together as possible.

3. Wash Your Hands Before & After Eating

It goes without saying that face coverings can be removed while you’re eating and drinking. But as you’ll likely be going on more rides afterwards, be sure to run a very tight ship whenever you do eat or drink, whether you’re sitting down to enjoy a meal or beverage or snacking on the go. Always wash your hands before and after – especially if you’re eating foods like burgers or anything else you might touch directly with your hands (delicious cotton candy being one of the riskiest culprits!).

2. Don’t Touch Anything That Isn’t Yours

We’ve all been there – you see someone else’s personal possession on the ground that they’ve dropped while getting off the ride and you want to see that it gets back to its rightful owner. If you do see something of value, like a wallet or a necklace, for example, simply inform a Cast Member. Meanwhile, you should also avoid touching any contact points when in line, like walls, handles or barriers. Don’t give those germs a chance!

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1. Follow All Posted Instructions

There are many posted instructions dotted throughout the entire resort, and the queuing systems are no exception. While they likely cover everything we’ve talked about in this article so far, be sure to keep a lookout for them anyway. Even several months into the viral crisis, it’s still at times all too easy to forget to do certain things. It’s also worth directing your loved ones’ attention to these instructions too. In fact, one of the most effective things you can do to keep your family safe is to keep them all in check!

It’s possible that some rides may have limited availability, while others may even be closed. Should this happen, just try not to be too disappointed. It’s easier said than done, of course, but these are unprecedented times and Disney World wants nothing more than for all its guests to have a safe and magical experience.

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