8 Tips For Staying on Budget at Disney

Castle Money
Castle Money

A visit to Disney can be pretty taxing on the wallet, especially when you have multiple kids to feed, clothe and house during your trip. There are however a few things you can do to make the trip a little more easy on the budget. Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Eating Out – We have a few restaurants we like to visit during trips to Disney parks and resorts. Instead of reserving a table at our restaurants of choice for dinner, we visit for lunch instead. The menu is usually less expensive and we save a few bucks.

2. Drinks – Sodas, teas and alcohol all cost a great deal of money both at restaurants and at food carts around the parks. Opt instead for a cup of ice water which is free at all of these venues. I also pack individual serving packs of lemonade or tea from crystal light or another brand, add it to the water so that you’re not missing out on anything.

3. Munchies – A quick trip to the grocery before entering Disney Resort will allow you to stock up on individual packages of your families favorite chips, crackers, cookies and nuts. Stash a few of these in your backpack or diaper bag for a treat during the day. I often offered my daughter a package of cheese-its while in line for a ride. It kept her from being hungry and begging for expensive treats around the park and also helped keep her busy while waiting for the Dumbo ride.

4. Limit Souvenir Spending – Have you ever seen the adorable characters on disney gift cards at the souvenir shops? So fun! What we suggest is that you load up a card for each member of your family with the amount of $ you’ve agreed to allocate for souvenirs. Then, your kids have their own Disney gift card to use with their favorite character! This will help you stick to your budget instead of whipping out your credit or debit card.

5. Don’t Impulse-Buy – Delay purchase souvenirs until your last day. Impulse buying can result in a mountain of stuff you really don’t want/need that you then have to fit it in your baggage for the return trip.

6. BYOS – Bring Your Own Stroller – Stroller rental at the parks is $15 a day, and a few dollars cheaper if you purchase multiple days at a time. There are also multiple third party stroller rental companies in the Orlando area but if you’re on a tight budget both of these options may not be for you. If you’re flying to Disney, having your own stroller is helpful in the airport for wrangling small children.

7. Eating Out – Way Out – If you’ve got a car, eat one meal a day outside of Disney. This will save you a bundle!

8. BYOC – Bring Your Own Camera – For those photo ops with Disney Characters, using your own camera and snapping photos instead of purchasing the photos the Disney professionals take will save you a bundle! After the Disney photographer has taken their shot, parents are welcome to step in with their own camera to take additional photos.

Are you a Disney enthusiast with additional suggestions? We would love to hear some of the ways you save cash at the parks. Add your comments below.

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