Top 10 Ways Disney Disappoints

Disney is so disappointing in so many ways (insert sarcasm). Who knew that one place could cause so much heart ache and rancor? Here are my top 10 reasons why Disney disappoints.

10. Disney makes you compare everything to them

Walt Disney instilled his values into his company and laid out strict guidelines that the company still follows to this day. This in turn creates a perfect guest experience and higher than normal expectations. The drawback however is that it creates a level of disappointment in daily activities. When I check out somewhere, I expect the cashier to tell me to have a magical day, but that doesn’t happen. When I’m walking around, I don’t hear any wonderful Disney music coming from hidden speakers. When I ask where something is located, the employee points with one finger!! I want to feel like a guest wherever I go and I don’t! Thanks a lot Disney! Ugh.

9. Disney causes you to have such high expectations when going out to eat

Walt Disney World does dining better than anyone. After getting back from a Disney vacation and going out to eat somewhere it can be somewhat disappointing. I find myself asking the waiter or waitress what time the characters come out, where is my Mickey shaped butter and will we be able to see the fireworks from where we’re seated. This always causes strange looks and short answers. Then comes the food; why does Disney have to do everything so well?! Even the counter service meals are better than some fancy restaurants in other places. I think to counter act this Disney should open a chain of themed restaurants around the country and then we wont have to worry about being disappointed! Problem solved!

8. Disney does not help us with a diet

Have you ever been on a strict diet and then vacation comes along and its hard to stick with it. Well, when you’re in the same situation and go on vacation to Walt Disney World it makes it 10 times worse. In all my trips to WDW I can’t think of one bad meal I’ve ever had there. There are plenty of healthy options available but the good thing is that calories don’t count in Walt Disney World anyway, so eat away!

7. Disney won’t let anyone live in the parks

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a Disney Park. Not just at a resort but actually inside one of the 4 parks. How cool would it be to wake up in Cinderella’s castle, mosey on down to Main Street for some breakfast then hop on over to Tomorrowland to catch a quick ride on Space Mountain and The People Mover. You could stop by your room in the castle for mid afternoon breaks. This would be amazing however Disney won’t let me live there. If they ever do decide to…I got firsts!! hahahaha

6. Disney makes it hard to take trips anywhere else

Disney does so many things so perfectly that it makes it hard to plan a trip anywhere else when vacation time rolls around. For this reason I along with many others just end up going back to WDW over and over again. The good thing is that they have been able to maintain Walt’s philosophy of the parks to never stop growing and changing. There’s almost always something new and exciting every time you go!

5. Disney is very good at filling a computer hard drive

Thanks to my Disney trips, I’ve had to upgrade my hard drive on my computer twice now due to how many pictures and videos I had to take and upload. Not only that but whenever my mom and sisters go I have to have all of their pictures and videos as well. Oh, and any awesome pics of Walt I find online that I add to my collection. I guess I’m just going to have to learn to use this “cloud” thingy that everyone is talking about or just not take so many pictures and videos on our trips, hmmmmmmmmmm………………………“cloud” it is!!

4. Disney can put a nice dent in a bank account or credit card

Before a wonderful Walt Disney World vacation I like to give myself somewhat of a budget. I tend to be reasonable with it and I try to be realistic. This is all thrown out the door upon arrival to WDW and that first gift shop. How can I have a budget when there are so many new and exciting souvenirs available? I’ve recently started a pin collection as well. Disney is number one at marketing to the Disney super fans who have to have every new collectible that comes out. I will say that when I’m away from The most Magical place on Earth” these little trinkets are a constant reminder of such an awesome vacation and alway make me smile. Sorry bank account.

3. Disney doesn’t make it easy to leave

When Walt Disney built Disneyland he wanted to ensure that every guest had such a wonderful and memorable time that they couldn’t wait to come back. In fact, Disney has a 70% return rate for first time visitors, one of the most of any company in the world. My point is that all of this creates a really hard time leaving. I guess this is a good problem to have, but sheesh! Maybe if they didn’t do everything so perfectly it wouldn’t be so hard. Of all my WDW trips, as tired as I’d been when it was over I’ve never been excited to leave. Its always a struggle to say goodbye but I know for sure that I will be back!

2. Disney causes us to expect a parade or firework show everyday

Somedays I’ll be walking down the sidewalk in my hometown and daydreaming about Disney and I’ll notice that’s its around 3pm and almost time for the Disney Festival of Fantasy parade, or it’s evening time and I’ll look out my window waiting for the Celebrate the Magic firework show to begin! I then have to come back to reality and remember that regular boring cities don’t do daily parades and evening firework shows or have Dapper Dans singing Disney classics or stratosphere actors and actresses performing throughout the day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Woe is me.

1. Disney makes us think that everything should have a theme

Have you ever gone to a grocery store and wondered how awesome it would be if Disney owned it. The produce area would be themed to Tarzan, and the frozen food area would have Anna and Elsa posted up everywhere and you might catch Remy from Ratatouille rolling around giving recipe ideas. I do this often when I’m out and about. Whenever I go to the DMV I think how cool it would be to have Lighting McQueen greet you when you come in and Mater doing the safety reviews. I guess not everyone can do themeing like Disney can. One can only dream.

Walt Disney was such a perfectionist and would never settle for second best or half way approach to doing anything. This in turn causes other companies to attempt to follow in his footsteps and try to re-create the Disney way. Some places do it pretty well but most will only leave us disappointed and longing for that next Disney vacation so we can soak up some of the magic and perfection that only Disney does best. Enjoy!

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