Top Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

2. Hitch-hiking Ghosts

Remember kids, beware of hitchhiking strangers. In The Haunted Mansion, there’s almost nobody quite as strange as this ghostly trio. A traveler, a skeleton, and a prisoner, or as the fans know them: Phineas, Ezra, and Gus. Though the three are always grouped together, they still have their own personalities with their different attire and demeanor.We have Phineas with his large hat, carpet bag, and cheery disposition; Ezra in his dapper attire and sinister skeletal smile; and Gus with his wild beard and goofy grin making up for the presence of his ball and chain. All friendly phantoms waiting to catch a ride. These gruesome ghouls are waiting right outside the graveyard to hitch a ride on your Doom Buggy and follow you to the end of the attraction. They also have a few surprises in store for anyone brave enough to glance at their mirrors as the ride makes for the exit. Be a buddy to our friends on the other side and feel free to offer them a ride.

Photo Credit: Disney

1. What’s in the Box

And our number one happy haunt is… The Hatbox Ghost. The Hatbox Ghost holds the number one title because of the massive cult following he accumulated during his departure from the mansion. Despite being one of the first ghosts to inhabit the attraction, The Hatbox Ghost is only recently making a comeback. However, he’s appeared on merchandise, tee shirts, posters, and artwork for years. And unlike some of his more popular fiendish friends, The Hatbox Ghost’s backstory is almost a complete mystery. But in a twisted way, that’s what makes him so interesting. This dark stranger with the vanishing head has made his way back into the mansion and into the hearts of its fans. He now has a permanent home stalking the attic of Disneyland’s version of the ride, now with an updated look and an improvement on his illusions, causing many fans to lose their heads over him.

By Zach Gass

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