Top 13 Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

10. Creeped-out Caretaker

The only mortal character in the entire attraction, the Caretaker stands outside the entrance to the Haunted Mansion graveyard. Accompanied by his rather emaciated bloodhound, the Caretaker stands tall and trembling at his post. The Caretaker reluctantly tends to the Haunted Mansion graveyard and finds himself in the unfortunate position of walking in on the spirits and their swinging wake. It would appear he’s a bit too horror-struck to take in the party. But that’s ok. After all, someone’s gotta watch the gate.

Photo Credit: Disney

9. Burying the Axe

The best thing about the haunted mansion is its mix of the haunting with the hilarious. When the Disney Imagineers first designed The Haunted Mansion, their intention was to blend the scary and the silly. Their goal is blatantly represented by the presence of these two figures. In the graveyard, a headless knight and his executioner can be seen singing along with the rest of the ghosts during the swinging wake. The knight still cradles his head under his arm but appears to have no hard feelings toward his decapitator. Likewise, the executioner still totes his ax on his shoulder, but seems more preoccupied with the party than honing his blade. This pair of friendly phantoms serves as the perfect mix of gruesome and glee.

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