Top 13 Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Doom Buggies

8. The Duelists 

There are many famous faces in the ballroom scene. The swinging wake has just begun and the party is already in full swing. All around, ghosts are eating, drinking, dancing, and carrying on as guests pass through the room. With all the amounts of supernatural activity, it’s easy to become distracted by all the fun. However, there are two feuding phantoms a bit too busy to attend the party. As the Doom Buggy passes over the scene, at the center of the back wall hangs a pair of paintings. In said paintings dwell a pair of duelists, squaring off for their showdown. If one focuses on these images, the spirits of the dead duelists will lean out of their paintings, turn, and fire their pistols at each other. A brief action, but a memorable addition to the scene. The Duelists mix in a little bit of dark humor to the otherwise jubilant scene, and that’s what makes them special. Too busy fighting to enjoy the party.

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

7. Phantoms of Another Opera

The singing busts and the Phantom Five are not the only musically inclined manifestations in the graveyard. Towards the mausoleums and the headless knight stand two opera ghosts crooning away to the music of the macabre. Dressed in the stereotypical viking and valkyrie attire, these ghosts have a love for all things operatic and show it by belting out some haunting arias. The next time you decide to take a Doom Buggy through the graveyard, have a listen to these haunting harmonies.

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