Top 13 Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

6. Having a Ball

Of course, the biggest stars of The Haunted Mansion’s Ballroom scene are the dancing dead themselves. The ballroom dancers are the centerpiece of the entire sequence. Even in death, the colorful couples spin and sweep across the dance floor, looking as elegant as ever. The dancers are a mere warm-up for the festivities to follow in the Graveyard scene, but the amount of Imagineering genius gone into creating them is mystifying. Though they are created by a simple illusion, the ballroom dancers really put the boo in beautiful. 

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog


5. Here Comes the Bride

Constance Hatchaway, better known as The Black Widow Bride takes this spot on our list. Quite possibly the only purely sinister character in The Haunted Mansion, Constance has more than a bouquet to throw at the guests. Almost the entire attic sequence tells Constance’s murderous tale. As the guests float by on their way through the attic, portraits of Constance and her husbands dot the path. As they pass each portrait, each husband loses his head and Constance gains another string of pearls. According to the Haunted Mansion lore, Constance took the lives of seven husbands and inherited all their wealth upon their deaths, a hatchet being her weapon of choice. Now she haunts the manor seeking out new victims and to give them the ax. This murderous mistress is perhaps the darkest part of the ride, and that’s what makes her so memorable. Keep your heads about you when you see her next, she may just add them to her collection.

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