Top 15 Rookie Mistakes at Walt Disney World

Bottled Water

13) Taking photos at undesirable times

I assume if you’re reading this website you understand why flash photography on a dark ride is a no-no, but I honestly also wouldn’t spend my time going overboard with fireworks pictures either. Unless you’re an aspiring or professional photographer, your photos probably aren’t going to come out good anyway, and remember: friends don’t let friends take crappy fireworks photos. Just sit back and enjoy the moment without looking through a screen.

14) Being unprepared for what taking young kids entails

Whenever someone asks when you should bring your kids to Disney for the first time, it’s really hard to answer because it does depend on each individual kid. If you do decide to bring them young, be prepared for a different kind of trip. They can’t walk like you can, and they’re going to get tired, and probably a little cranky especially if it’s hot. If you’re planning on the going non-stop sort of trips you might have had before the kids came along, understand in advance that your next trip will be different.

15) Purchasing water

Rather than buying water bottles in the parks, which do really add up, simply ask for a cup of tap water at a quick service restaurant. It’s free, and you won’t be stuck carrying warm water around in your bag all day.

By Brittany DiCologero

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