Top 10 Things to Take With You Into the Park

Top 20 Useful Things to Take Into Disney Parks

A day in Disney World parks is a wonderful experience until you need something that you don’t have or forgot back in your hotel room. Here’s a list of items that are more-often-that-not in my bag when we trek to the parks.

20. Sunblock – Whether you prefer lotion or the kind of sunblock that applies like deodorant, sunblock in Florida is an necessity. I prefer Neutrogena wet skin sunblock in stick and lotion form. The stick is great for applying to kid’s faces as it won’t run into and burn eyes. It’s also small and can fit into a pocket for easy-access and reapplication.

19. Bandaids – You’ll be doing a LOT of walking and may get a blister or sore spot that needs some TLC. You might also consider bringing the bandaids that are primarily for blisters which have a little padding.

18. Camera/Camera Phone – Make sure your camera batteries and phone are fully charged.  Tip: reduce the brightness on your phone to make the battery last longer. Don’t forget to outfit your phone with a shock resistant case or a bag and lens cap for your camera to keep it safe.

17. Identification –  Some places ask to see your ID when using your magic band or park passes. It’s also helpful if one of your kids gets lost. When reuniting you with your child, a form of identification may be required by Disney.

16. Wallet with Money and Credit or Debit Card – Tuck these in an inside zippered pocket of your purse or man bag.

15. Tickets, pass card or Magic Band – Depending on which of these you use, don’t leave these behind in your hotel room.

14. Phone with Disney App – Use My Disney Experience to stay up-to-date on showtimes, wait times at rides and other attractions.  Maps with GPS are also included.

13. Hand Sanitizer – For ease of use, get individually wrapped wipes from Sam’s Club on online at Each member of your party can stash a few packets of wipes in their pockets or park bag. Wipe hands every couple of rides, when you exit bathrooms and especially before you eat.

12. Pain Medicine – For adults and kids.  All that sun exposure can give you a headache so make sure you have a few travel packets of ibuprophen or tylenol handy.

11. Sunglasses and a Hat – It’s not called “Sunny Florida” for nothing. My husband has a fun tradition of buying a Mickey Mouse baseball hat during each visit to Disney World to commemorate his trip.

10. Body Powder – Stash a small trial-sized container of baby powder to stave off wetness and chafing in socks, undies, and wherever else you might want to freshen up.

9. Change of Socks – If you’re going to be in the park all day or there is a chance of rain, make sure you pack a change of socks for each member of your party. Also, there are some pretty wet rides at each of the parks, so after you ride Kali River Rapids and get drenched, you don’t want to tromp around in wet socks for the rest of the day.

8. Baby Wipes – Include a small package of baby wipes in your bag. They’re great for when you need to freshen up a little after all the sweating and exertion at the parks – pack a small package of baby wipes and you won’t feel quite so sticky once you’ve taken a moment to wipe off.

7. Bug Spray – Keep bugs at bay with some form of insect repellent. Small individually packaged wipes containing bug repellent are easy to travel with and apply.

6. Benadryl or Hydrocortisone Cream – Given the tropical climate in Florida, bugs can be plentiful and thus, bug bites arise. A small tube of either of these creams can keep a bug bite from becoming an uncomfortable irritation during your Disney visit.

5. Snacks – This is especially helpful if you have kids. Stash a couple bags of pretzels, crackers, nuts or other snack foods to curb the munchies between meals.

4. Medications – If you take a prescription medication regularly, keep a dose in your bag or pocket to save you a return trip to your hotel in the middle of the day.

3. Rain Poncho(s) – Florida weather will often times include a short shower a couple times a day so have a couple disposable rain ponchos in your bag. They’re available for sale in the parks but you’ll pay $7-$8 bucks each.

2. Plastic bag – Pack the above items in a ziplock bag but have an empty plastic bag ready for your change of wet socks or other items that you want to store to take back to your hotel.

1. Ziplock bag – Store all of the above items that can leak into your bag or backpack in the ziplock bag. that way, if your tube of hydrocortisone cream oozes or your bug spray leaks, everything in your bag won’t get wet.

Take the poll below and let us know which of these items you WOULD NOT want to be without in the parks.

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