Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Disney

Cinderella Castle Distance

Getting ready for your trip to Disney will have you reading every to-do list there is just to make sure you don’t miss anything. But you will want to also read this list of things NOT to do at Disney just so you can be sure to have the time of life with your loved ones while visiting the “happiest place on Earth”.

5. Don’t – think you will be able to “wing it” when you get there. Depending on how long your stay is, you will want to make sure you can fit in all the things that are important to your family. With the new magic bands and Fast Pass plus, you will be able to plan rides, shows, and dining months before your trip. If certain attractions are a must, then planning ahead is also. You just can’t make the most of your Disney vacation without a little leg work beforehand, believe me, it will pay off in the end.

4. Don’t – lose your cool. Most adults at Disney have all spent countless hours planning and a hefty amount of money to be there. It’s easy to forget that things will go wrong, kids will not want to do what you planned, and lines will move slow sometimes, but don’t forget to have patience. When you add in the Florida heat and occasional rainstorms, people can become grumpier than even a dwarf. Those are usually the times when you just need to step back and take a break. Going for a swim at the pool, or a bike ride around the resort lakes can help put things in perspective before heading back out into the parks.

3. Don’t – be so busy running from character meet and greets to attractions without taking a minute to notice all the little details Disney has so expertly included in the parks. We loved noticing Maximus’ horseshoe tracks and frying pan near Rapunzel’s tower in Magic Kingdom. At Animal Kingdom, don’t miss out on looking at all the animals carved into the Tree of Life. Every time we visit, we try to find something new we hadn’t noticed before while waiting in line. This last summer we found the wedding ring in the sidewalk of the Haunted Mansion and took on the challenge of hidden Mickeys, which can become a serious obsession if you aren’t careful. You start seeing them everywhere.

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2. Don’t – forget to set your alarm. While the thought of vacation to most means sleeping late and relaxing, that isn’t totally how a Disney vacation works. I think down time should be built into any Disney vacation to prevent meltdowns, for adults and kids, but on the days you have places to be and reservations to get to, then make sure you set those alarms so you don’t miss anything you worked so hard to plan. Better than any alarm clock is a fun character wake-up call. If you are staying on property, the resorts have the option to set some fun wake-up calls from a selection of popular characters that your kids will love.

1. Don’t – expect it to be perfect. While we have all seen those magical Disney commercials, it isn’t real life. Kids get cranky and so do we. Sometimes it rains or a ride breaks down but that doesn’t mean the vacation is ruined. It means you regroup and make new plans and just enjoy being at Disney World with the people you love. You may not make it to every ride or see every show, but the attractions and shows you do see will be great and so will the memories you are making for your family. Besides, whatever you miss just gives you more reasons to plan another trip to Disney!

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