6 Ways Rookies Waste Time at Disney World

Many Disney World first timers can get overwhelmed in their Disney planning, and some even believe that they don’t need to plan at all for a theme park. This can be detrimental to your magical vacation and can ultimately waste valuable time! All Disney vacationers should have some sort of idea of what they are getting into before they go on their Disney trip. Here are the top six ways that rookies waste time at Disney World.

6. Getting to the park late

I get it. Everyone likes to sleep in, and it’s your vacation so why wouldn’t you? This type of thinking is a huge time waster in your vacation! Getting to the park late means that heavy crowds are already there which also means long lines – everywhere. Consider getting to the parks for rope drop, at least a few times in your trip. That way, you can enjoy a few of your favorite attractions before the crowds roll in and you will spend less time waiting for a ride.

5. Not making Fastpasses

One of the absolute top ways that rookies waste time is by not making fastpasses. If you don’t make a fastpass, it means that you are standing in the standby line for every ride. These lines can get up to a two hour wait or even longer! Do yourself a favor and make some fastpasses to reduce your wait time and get in more time for your favorite attractions. Check out “10 Things to Know About Disney’s FastPass+ System.”

4. Not making Advance Dining Reservations

A huge time waster is not making Advance Dining Reservations. Without them, you are likely to be waiting upwards of an hour or more for a table at your favorite table service restaurant. This takes an hour away from other plans you had for the park, whether it be meeting a character or experiencing a new attraction. Another tip: make your reservation during off peak meal times to save even more time!

3. Not bringing snacks for you and your kids

One of the biggest time wasters rookies can do is not bring snacks or drinks for themselves and their kids. It’s hot, it’s crowded, and standing in a long line to get snacks and beverages can be a real time waster. Not only that, but having to stop what you are doing because your kids are hungry and cranky isn’t a good set up for a great day in the parks. Save yourself some time from having to stop and eat and bring some treats for on the go.

2. Not preparing for a day in the parks

A definite way rookies waste time is by not making a plan before they get to the parks. Many think that it’s just another theme park and they will go with the flow, but this could really be their downfall! Make a plan, and then make a backup plan. Figure out what rides you want to ride, what characters you want to meet, and how you will work your fastpasses. Be sure to include your Advance Dining Reservations in your plan, and leave room for anything unexpected. If you do not do this, then you will be wasting a lot of time running around the parks and waiting in seriously long lines that could have easily been avoided with a bit of planning.

1. Not using the My Disney Experience app

The My Disney Experience app is one of the very best ways to save time in the parks. It keeps track of your fastpasses, dining reservations, where the bathrooms are, and how long the wait times are. If you need to change your plans and aren’t sure what to do, instead of moseying around you can check the app and see what rides have the shortest wait times and go do it! There is also a map of the park you are in to help guide you as well. Save yourself headache and hassle, download this app (it’s free!) and start saving time at Disney World!

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