Top 7 Things We Love About Walt Disney World

Disney World is filled with tons of magical moments, from staying in your favorite resort and eating at your favorite restaurant, to riding those thrill rides that you have been patiently (or impatiently!) waiting for all year. While we all have our own favorite individual moments about Disney that we cherish, there are certain details that everyone loves and can relate to. Here are the Top 7 Things We Love About Walt Disney World!

7. The countdown during the Magic Kingdom morning show – Whether it is your first day of your magical vacation or your last, the countdown during the Magic Kingdom show always brings a certain kind of delight and anticipation that is unmatched to the other parks. You made the effort to wake up early, the kids are jumping with excitement, and you can feel your own heart fluttering with eagerness as the seconds trickle down until you can enter into the park. It is during those seconds that you feel the magic come to life, which is one of the reasons why we love Walt Disney World.

6. Seeing Cinderella’s Castle for the first time on your trip – Cinderella’s Castle always brings a sense of wonderment whether it is your tenth or hundredth time seeing it, but nothing beats the first time you view it on your first day at Magic Kingdom. Imagine, you are entering in the park after the countdown ends and are heading towards Main Street. Once there, your eyes fall upon the majestic beauty of Cinderella’s Castle. You look down at your kids’ faces and see their eyes glow with the same kind of awe that your eyes are reflecting. All of the stress of planning the perfect trip is worth it for that one moment where your kids (and even you!) realize that magic is real, especially in Disney.

5. Meeting your favorite character – All of us have our favorite Disney movie, and with that comes our favorite Disney character. Whether it is a beautiful princess, a daring hero, or the hilarious comic sidekick, we all have that one character that we just HAVE to meet. The lines might be long, but that moment when they’re finished with the family before you and they turn and look you in the eye is the moment where you think, “This is it! My dream is coming true!” That is a moment your children or you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon and is one of the reasons we love Walt Disney World. Check out “9 Elusive Disney World Characters and Where to Meet Them.”

4. Special Occasions – Celebrating a special occasion in Disney World is unlike celebrating anywhere else. Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, family reunion or just married, the cast at Disney want to know about it! You will receive a pin reflecting the special occasion you are celebrating, and will even receive extra attention from cast members from doing so. I tend to go around my birthday so I wear the Happy Birthday pin, and it is truly magical to walk down Main Street and having cast members with me a Happy Birthday by name. Check out “Why You Should Celebrate These 5 Special Occasions At Disney.”

3. Amazing cast members – Many times, your trips can be made by cast members going above and beyond. I got engaged in Disney and my fiancé and I were wearing our “Just Engaged” pins. While waiting for the Animal Kingdom to open, one of the cast members noticed and not only did she let us into the park a few minutes before everyone else, but we even got chosen to be the first safari ride of the day and got our own personal tour! Cast members can really make your trip more magical so remember to be nice to them! You never know what sort of magic they can perform.

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2. Being surrounded by fellow Disney Fans – One of the things we love most about Disney World is being surrounded by people who love being there just as much as we do. Looking around and seeing everyone in Disney t-shirts and Mickey ears and knowing that you are doing the same really brings a sense of community and shared love. We are all excited to be in the most Magical Place on Earth, and that happiness is palpable in the air. Disney gives the fans a chance to all be together, and that is one of the reasons why we love it there.

1. Getting lost in the magic – When you are in Disney it is like you are in a while new world, literally. You are lost inside this bubble, and all the stuff outside of that bubble ceases to exist. All you have to focus on is what is going on in the moment. You don’t have to worry about how much school you have left to finish, how much you hate your job, or the stress of paying bills. All you have to do is meet your favorite characters, ride those rides you have been waiting for all year, and enjoy being surrounded by fellow Disney fans. Nothing compares to the way you get lost in the magic of Disney, and are able to forget about life’s little worries, and that is why we love Walt Disney World.

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