Toy-riffic Trivia: What You Didn’t Know About Toy Story

Sid Toy Story

3. Sid-distic Scenes

Anyone who has seen the film can easily identify Sid Philips, the toy torturing delinquent next-door. Infamous for blowing up Combat Carl and strapping a rocket onto the wings of a certain space-ranger, Sid is known for being the terror of the toy-box. But compared to the earlier drafts of the film, Sid is quite tame. Some of Sid’s scenes were actually cut for being too frightening for younger audience members, including torturing Buzz with an electric screwdriver and a background story involving Sid brutally dismembering a sentient rattle. The filmmakers decided to tone Sid down, making him more of a trouble maker than a truly evil character. This resulted in the creation of the mutant toys, giving him a more mad-scientist feel than a sinister sadist.

Photo Credit: Disney

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