Universal and Disney - How to Divide Your Time Between These Fabulous Parks

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4. Prepare an Itinerary and a Bucket List

Whether it’s only a vague outline for a plan or an itinerary, having something isn’t a bad idea. That said, if you’re visiting these two huge resorts, you’re better off doing as much planning as possible. But with that comes research, so just remember that the resorts’ official websites have everything you need to know on attractions, entertainment and more.

Your itinerary will of course depend on many things, though, like your ticket types, the duration of your vacation and your preferred attractions and experiences, so be sure not to rush it. Then, once you’re done, make a list of everything you really want to do. With six parks to explore (nine if you include all the water parks), it’s too easy to miss something and end up “eternally regretful”.

3. Consider All the Logistics

Splitting your time down the middle means you won’t need to worry about hopping between the two resorts and their theme parks. Each resort has a selection of hotels for you to choose from, so why not switch halfway through your vacation? Better yet, why not choose a hotel halfway between them to avoid having to switch altogether,

Another thing to consider is transportation. The resorts are only be 20 minutes apart by car, but while getting to and from is relatively easy, you should avoid frequent interchanging between the resorts as you’ll end up being stung with more parking charges than necessary (and gas, too!). If you aren’t driving, though, you can usually arrange a free shuttle transfer through your travel agent.

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