Walt Disney World Budget Tips From a Penny Pincher

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Walt Disney World in Florida is one  of the most visited vacation resorts in the world, with an average annual attendance of more than 52 million visitors.  Because of its immense popularity and the cost of adding new attractions, new hotels, and refurbishing existing attractions, the price of a Walt Disney World vacation can be quite challenging for visitors who are on a tight budget.  There are, however, ways to trim that budget and still have an exciting, magical Disney vacation.  Here are some suggestions from a penny pincher that may help you plan your trip on a budget.

1.  Stay Off Property

If you want to save on hotel accommodations, staying off Disney World property is an option.  There are many highly recommended, inexpensive hotels and rental properties near to Walt Disney World, and most of the hotels offer free transportation to and from the main entrance of Disney World, Disney Springs, and other surrounding attractions.  This is a good choice, especially if you are on a strict budget.

2.  Disney World Vacation Packages and Free Dining

If you do some creative planning by purchasing a Walt Disney World Vacation Package, you can shave a little off your budget by choosing packages that include a Disney Dining Plan (a prepaid meal plan so guests can budget their dining costs with a set number of credits that can be redeemed for snacks or meals).  There is an extra charge added to whatever Disney Vacation Package you choose, but by planning ahead these packages are designed to save you money.  As an added bonus, watch for the Free Dining Plan offer on certain dates at select Disney Hotels.  When this option is added to your package your meal expenses will plummet.  This is a very sought after perk, so watch for this offer as it will sell out quickly.

3.  Pressed Pennies

One of the all-time favorite cheap Disney souvenirs, especially for "penny pinchers" is the pressed penny.  Simply drop two quarters into the penny press machine, choose your favorite design, take a shiny new penny and put it in the special slot and watch as your penny is transformed into an oblong flat Disney keepsake.  It makes a great souvenir, and you can purchase specially designed collector's pressed pennies book to keep up with all your new pressed pennies.  The pressed penny machines are located at all four theme parks, water parks, Disney resort hotles, and Disney Springs.

4.  Themed Popcorn Buckets

Walt Disney World is famous for having the best tasting popcorn in all the world.  It is so popular that getting a freshly popped serving is almost a 100% guarantee.  Now, this awesome popcorn comes in flavors, like butter toffee almond, caramel, parmesan garlic, cheddar, and chocolate with sea salt and can be found at all four theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.  The refillable bucket, with refills costing only $2; a real bargain, can be refilled wherever fresh, hot popcorn is sold.  Delightfully themed Disney character buckets make great souvenirs, and they can also be refilled, so your getting a great snack plus a collectible souvenir.  These special buckets can be found on Ebay, so hang onto yours.  In a few years, your Disney popcorn bucket may be a hot item on the internet.

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