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Walt Disney World Touring Plans

Walt Disney World is full of things to do, see, and eat. Magical memories are yours around every corner! But with so many people visiting the Walt Disney World parks, it’s not in your best interest to simply “go to Disney” anymore. Instead, for an ideal experience, we recommend making a touring plan before you enter. Without at least a rough outline of what you’d like to do, you may end up missing out on some really amazing attractions simply because others have gotten to them first. Simply put, a touring plan helps you maximize your time and get ahead of the crowds.

We’ve put together some touring plans here to get you started. You’ll notice that these plans include large chunks of time, rather than hour-by-hour schedules. Depending upon your style, this format may be all you need, or you may find that you want to add in more details of your own. Just remember that any good touring plan needs to include a certain amount of flexibility to allow for the unexpected and to free you up for some spontaneity.

For Magic Kingdom and Epcot we’ve created several touring plan variations because those parks will need to be done differently depending on who is in your party and how much time you have to spend. For Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, we’ve done one touring plan that should need only minor adjustments to accommodate your group’s personal preferences. And finally, we’ve added a few bonus ideas for any non-park days in your itinerary.

Enjoy planning your most wonderful vacation, and may all your dreams come true!