Epcot Touring Plan in One Day For Adults

Though it certainly has plenty of appeal for all ages, Epcot has become a hot spot for adult getaways. Where else can you partake in the foods and cultures of the world, experience thrilling rides, and also see amazing fireworks? Only Epcot! To get the most out of your Epcot adult day, be sure to go slowly and leave plenty of time for lingering.

Before You Go:

As we mentioned in our 6 Steps Planning, you’ll want to figure out FastPass+ reservations and Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) before you enter the park. Here are our general suggestions for an adults-only day:

1. FastPass+: Any of the First Tier + Spaceship Earth + Mission: Space

When scheduling FastPass+ reservations for Epcot, you’ll notice that there are two sections. The top tier is the most popular attractions, and you may only choose one of them. The attractions in the second tier all tend to have low to moderate wait times, so you really can’t go wrong. 

2. ADR: Restaurant Marrakesh, Le Cellier, or Biergarten

There are so many incredible eateries at Epcot! These are some personal favorites, but be sure to research what looks best to you. Again, you really can’t go wrong.

Spaceship Earth-Universe of Energy


All right, here we go!

1. Early Morning 

Arrive before park opening and head straight for Frozen Ever After when you get in (assuming that you did not get a FastPass+ for another time). The ride is worth your time even without kids, but make it your “Rush Ride” before the queue gets too long. Have someone in your party stop for an eat-while-you-wait breakfast and catch up to the rest of your group. Starbucks is on the way OR try La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico.   

2. Morning 

Head back to Future World, since the rest of World Showcase won’t open until 11:00. Attractions to highlight for adults include: Soarin’, Living With the Land, Test Track, Mission: Space, Spaceship Earth, and Innoventions.

3. Lunch 

Head back to World Showcase for lunch. If you chose to follow the Restaurant Marrakesh recommendation, consider taking the western Friendship.

4. Early Afternoon 

West side of World Showcase. Check MDE app for show times (which may dictate your touring plan more than geographical layout). Highlights on the west side include:

  • Canada – O Canada! film and Alberta Bound musicians
  • United Kingdom – Quickstep musicians or British Revolution musicians
  • France – Serveur Amusant and Impressions de France film
  • Morocco – Matboukha musicians and art gallery.
  • Japan – Matsuriza show and Bijutsu-kan museum

5. Snack

It’s fun to get an authentic snack while watching a show. Some favorites are shaved ice with Matsuriza in Japan or ice cream/crepes with Serveur Amusant in France.

6. Late Afternoon 

East side of World Showcase. Again, be sure to check the app so you don’t miss any of your must-do performances. East side highlights include:

  • Mexico – Gran Fiesta Tour and Mariachi band
  • Norway – Frozen Ever After and Stave Church Gallery
  • China – Reflections of China film, Whispering Willows (check out Shanghai Disney), and Nine Dragons Acrobats
  • Germany – Wies N Buam musicians
  • Italy – Sergio
  • USA – Voices of Liberty and American Heritage show

7. Dinner

Le Cellier or Biergarten (or whatever ADR you chose)

8. Evening 

Free time to repeat some favorites or do anything you may have missed. Also, there may be a concert in the USA pavilion to check out.

9. Late Night

IllumiNations. You don’t want to miss this incredible fireworks/lasers/drones show. Grab a dessert and a good spot at least 20 minutes before the show. Some favorites include the space between UK and France, down by the water in Italy, or up on the balcony in Japan.


Other Considerations:

  • Don’t feel like you MUST do table service. Making a meal out of a couple different counter service/snack samplings is always fun too.
  • Although it tends to be busier, Food and Wine Festival is always a great time, especially for an adults only trip. Ditto for Flower and Garden Festival. If you’re attending a festival, I would definitely recommend forgoing an ADR in favor of filling up on samples from the festival kiosks.
  • The Seas may seem juvenile because of the Nemo theming of the ride, but if you’re into aquariums, add it to your list. You won’t be disappointed!
  • You’re never too old for character greetings. There are several characters (mainly princesses) that can only be found in Epcot, so if you find your favorite, don’t be shy!

However you choose to schedule it, have a memorable adults-only Epcot day!