What Happens At Disney Stays At Disney – 9 Things We’d Only Do At Disney Parks

Mickey Mouse

Sometimes nothing is more fun on vacation than cutting loose and acting like a kid yourself. That’s why when we are at Disney sometimes, anything goes. Not just for the kids, but for us adults as well. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to practice the rule “What happens at Disney, stays at Disney.”

9. Excitement over pictures with a giant mouse…or dog – Where else do adults and children stand in line excitedly waiting to take pictures with famous characters? Disney has not only the newest characters for today’s children, but they have the characters the adults grew up loving as well. I may have even been known to race my children to the line for some of these character meet and greets.

8. Naptime – We put so much into our time at Disney that we always make sure to come back to the resort for a mid-day nap. If only the real world would allow us to take a nap. I would even leave my Tinker Bell pajamas at home. We always wake up refreshed and ready to take on the late nights in the park.

7. Going 0-60 in seconds – Test track at Epcot brings out the speed demon in all of us with no fear of hearing sirens behind us. If it’s even for the weekend, Disney lets us all imagine life outside the real world. We can soar in a hang glider over California, be as small as a bug or even trek across Mt Everest.

6. Calories, what calories? – When every yummy food they sell at Disney is Mickey shaped and delicious, it’s hard not to want to try them all. Go ahead! Indulge in the goodness that is food at Disney. Make a list of all your must-try foods and don’t go home until you have tried them all. Besides, calories don’t count at Disney anyway, right?

5. It’s okay to play in the rain – Some of the best times to be had on a Disney vacation is when it rains. Florida definitely has its share of rain showers. It is the perfect time to let those adult concerns go, break out a poncho and play, or better yet, ride your favorite attractions in the rain.

4. Ahoy mateys – Disney is the place where it is okay to let your inner pirate or princess out. Take the kids and yourself and let the Disney cast members make you look your best for your day at the park. You will get plenty of use from your tiara while on vacation. Hey, who says you can’t wear it to work too?

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3. Singing, sometimes loudly – Very few of us are blockbuster recording artist, so any chance we get to bust out a favorite Disney tune, we must. Parades, shows, even attractions all give the singer in us a chance to belt out a Disney song whenever we feel like it. Thank goodness no one at Disney judges.

2. Churros for breakfast…and lunch – When we are at home, I try hard to have good meal plans and times for my family, but at Disney that just goes right out the window. Disney is the perfect place to grab a sweet treat like a churro or mickey pretzel for a meal and then love it so much you eat it again. Don’t worry, your kids will love having giant cookies for breakfast, they won’t tell anyone you let them have it 3 days in a row.

1. Making Mickey ears a daily accessory – In fact, not just Mickey ears, but anything fun and full out Disney is completely acceptable. Adults and kids alike fill the Disney parks with outfits and Mickey ears as far as the eye can see. Some of us may even have a separate Disney wardrobe set aside just for Disney trips.

There is no better place than Disney to kick back and have a great time. Don’t worry, the real world will still be there when you get back.

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