What The New Tron Ride At Magic Kingdom Will Be Like...

You might not be all too familiar with Tron or its 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy. While the original ground-breaking ‘80s sci-fi is a classic, it’s actually more of a cult classic and is yet to truly be thrust into the mainstream. But that’s set to change in 2021 when Magic Kingdom Park unveils the all-new Tron-themed attraction for Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations. And here’s everything you can expect from this exciting new experience!

7. How It Will Compare To The Movie

In Tron, computer hacker Flynn is thrust into the digital world known as the Grid where he must battle the computer’s likeness of his real-life tech rival. The film pioneered state-of-the-art special effects, and now Disney is recreating the neon-lit digital landscape for you to enjoy. Beyond its special effects, the film’s main trademarks are the sequences involving the “Lightcycles” – motorcycle-like vehicles on which the film's characters ride. So perhaps it was inevitable that a ride inspired by this fantastical method of transport would eventually grace Disney World.

6. It Will Be Based On Shanghai Disneyland Park’s Tron Ride

The new Disney World ride will be based on Shanghai Disneyland’s Tron Lightcycle Power Run, which has been wowing guests there since 2016. The partially-enclosed roller coaster hits speeds of 60 miles per hour - a record-breaker for Disney roller coasters. Disney World’s Tron ride will no doubt hit similar if not faster speeds, as it’s no mystery that the Shanghai attraction is the main source of inspiration and has been a huge hit with park-goers since its inception. Just how similar it will be remains to be seen, but you can probably expect the same sort of programming!

5. What Shanghai Disneyland’s Version Is Like

Tron Lightcycle Power Run wasn’t actually designed to be Tron-themed when it was originally conjured up by Walt Disney Imagineers. In fact, it was only because of the familiar appearance of the attraction’s vehicles during pre-production – on which guests lean forward and grip the handlebars in that iconic fashion – that the ride was given a Tron upgrade. Adding a theme to a ride using that of a film franchise is becoming increasingly popular, so there’s no surprise that Tron is the latest to go under Disney’s ever-expanding spotlight.

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