What You Should Know Before You Visit Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pandora – The World of Avatar is the newest big thing to hit Animal Kingdom, and it's pretty awesome. Even if you've never seen Avatar, you'll love this place. However, those who haveseen the movie are more likely to have a special appreciation for it.

That said, while many Disney goers are perfectly okay with waltzing into this land of floating mountains and glowing plants without a second thought, true Disney fans know it's best to gain some tips and tricks before visiting any new Disney park area. This list is for those Disney guests, and it contains a number of tips and tricks to help make your visit to Pandora even more magical than it might be otherwise.

8. See it in the Day…

Pandora is absolutely gorgeous in the morning. The air is fresh, the day is new, and anything is possible. We highly recommend paying this area a visit as soon as you arrive in Animal Kingdom. After all, you have been waiting for quite some time, and you deserve to see what this place is all about as soon as possible.

7. ...and at Night

While Pandora is wonderful in the fresh, new morning, it is simply magical once the sun goes down. The land is filled with glowing plants, and walking the place is absolutely enchanting. Of course, a glowing beverage from Pongu Pongu really adds to the experience, making it even more amazing.

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