You Need to Do a Few Things BEFORE Your Trip to Disneyland - Here’s Our List

Disneyland Castle Fireworks

9. Make sure everyone has supportive, comfortable walking shoes.

Part of the fun of Disneyland is the exploring you’ll do during your time there. And since “exploring” has a lot to do with walking, you will need to make sure that everyone who’s traveling with you has a comfortable and supportive pair of walking shoes. Cute shoes and trendy shoes are fun, but they can take away from the magic if they aren’t comfortable. If you’re buying new walking shoes for your trip, be sure you buy well-fitting walking shoes at least a month before your trip so you have time to break them in. Don’t wait until you get to Disneyland to break in those shoes. Ouch! That might not be as magical as you think.

10. Pack your backpack.

Remember the backpack you’re taking with you to Disneyland? About a week before you leave for California, go ahead and pack things you’ll need in the park, such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, ponchos, baby wipes and a portable charger. This ensures that you won’t be scrambling for those items on the first day of your trip, possibly taking away from precious park time!

11. Buy Disney gift cards.

Visit or visit your nearest Disney store to purchase Disney gift cards for your trip. Having gift cards eliminates your need to carry cash in the parks. The best part about Disney gift cards is that if you keep your receipts, or if you register your card(s) online at, should you lose or misplace them while on your trip, Disney will replace the lost cards and reload them with the amount you had on them at the time they were lost. They will cancel your lost cards so no one else can use them. It’s like purchasing peace of mind.

12. Get ready for magic like you’ve never experienced before!

There is no happier place on planet Earth than the Disneyland Resort in California! Whether you’re visiting for the first time or the tenth time, get ready for a magical and memorable trip unlike any you’ve taken! There’s a reason Guests keep coming back for more—Disneyland is truly another world that just happens to be near Anaheim, but it’s miles away from the cares and stresses of life! Don’t forget your cameras and autograph books—and have an amazing time!

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