10 Fantastic Tips For First Time Trips to Walt Disney World


4. Fuel Up, Dress Up, Charge Up

Before you enter anyone of Walt Disney World’s four phenomenal parks, there are three tips to always remember before you even step out the door: fuel up, dress up, charge up. As the saying goes, food is fuel. So, if you are planning on getting an early start and spending a day at the parks, be sure you eat a good breakfast either at your hotel or at one of the food service venues in the park. Because you do not want to run on empty in the middle of The Magic Kingdom. Also, be sure to wear appropriate clothing for the environment you’ll be venturing through. That means breathable clothes and the best walking shoes you have. Take it from a real Magic Kingdom Maniac, you will be walking quite a lot. Sore feet are a sure-fire way to put a downer on a day at Disney. Lastly, be sure to charge your phone, camera, or whatever device you will be using in the park. You’re going to be taking loads of photos and capturing many moments, so be sure to leave with 100% battery before you hit the door. If you should find your power depleted, fear not. Disney Parks’ guest services have a free charging station for you to drop off your phone and come back for it when it has more juice. This was a lifesaver on my last trip, and the cast members keep your phone safe and secure, letting you put your mind at ease. Remember these crucial tips, and your trip to Disney will go that much smoother.

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