10 Magical Keepsakes to Bring Home From Disney

Potato head
Potato head

Anyone who has visited Disney with me knows that I need to no excuse to buy souvenirs! There are tons of temptations, but I prefer to buy souvenirs that I can enjoy fairly regularly when I return home. Grab a few of these keepsakes and they’ll help infuse a little Disney magic into your daily life – hopefully enough to tide you over until your next trip. Most of them are relatively small, too, so you should have little trouble fitting them in your luggage.

1. Christmas Ornaments

They may have less daily smile-appeal, but when you see your ornaments once a year as you decorate your tree, memories from your trip will come flooding back. I always find myself putting my Disney ornaments front and center on the tree. Check out the Disney’s Days of Christmas store at Downtown Disney for a great selection.

2. Pins

Whether you are a pin trader or not, pins make great keepsakes. Disney also releases special pins for events, such as the Flower & Garden Festival, holidays, etc. Not there for a special event? Just buy a pin that reminds you of your favorite part of the trip- a pin representing your resort, or your favorite ride or character. Buy a nice cork-board and display your pins on the wall so you can see them every day!

3. Keychains

You use your keys every day, so why not catch a glimpse of Mickey or Cinderella’s Castle every morning on your way out the door? If you have a stressful job, put the keychain on your work keys or lanyard to help you get through particularly rough Mondays (and Tuesdays through Fridays).

4. Scarves or Neckties

Mouse Gear, The Emporium, and World of Disney all have great selections of clothing and accessories. T-shirts are tempting, but the neon Mickey t-shirt you’re eyeing up may have limited appeal once you get back home. If you want to show your Disney love, why not buy a pretty scarf (or a tie for the fellas) to tastefully represent Mickey once you have re-entered your “real” life?

5. Jewelry

You don’t have to break the bank to come home with a cute pair of Mickey earrings. Jewelry is versatile and you can wear it as often as you like. There’s a great variety of jewelry available, from fine jewelry to rings, charm bracelets, and Alex and Ani bangles.

6. Kitchen goods

Infuse your kitchen with some Disney goodness by hanging a pair of kitchen towels on your oven. Have a pretty display cabinet? Buy a dish or cute teapot to display – and you can actually use them, too. Or keep it simple and buy yourself a new coffee mug. Sure, you may have plenty of mugs, but hear me out- I think coffee, tea, and cocoa taste better when sipped from my favorite Little Mermaid mug!

7. Magnets

Inexpensive, useful, and easy to transport home, magnets are a great keepsake. Whether you use them to hang up your vacation pics, kids artwork, or Chinese food menus, you’ll get to enjoy them every day.

8. A Sweatshirt

This is a little pricier than most of the other keepsakes I’ve suggested, but I get tons of use out of my hoodies! If you live in an area that has 4 seasons, you probably live in sweatshirts for at least 2 of them. If you’re not into hoodies, pajama pants are a fun alternative.

9. Your Own Artwork

Take the “Art of Disney Animation” class in Hollywood Studios and you’ll leave with your own artwork! This class is free, and located in the animation courtyard. When you enter the room you’ll have a stool, a slanted desk, a sheet of paper, and a pencil with no eraser. The animator works fast, so children (and many adults) may become frustrated. Try to have fun with it! Bring a tube with you to roll up your drawing for safekeeping. Two empty paper towel rolls should cover it.

10. Decked-out Disney Mr. Potato Head

Perhaps less widely appealing than a coffee mug, a Disney-fied Mr. Potato head can be a children’s toy or a cute item to display on your desk. Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney sells exclusive Disney-themed Mr. Potato Head parts that you can buy individually, or you can stuff a box for a flat fee if you want some variety.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my souvenir suggestions. When deciding on your souvenirs, it’s always a good idea to consider budget, the amount of space you have in your luggage, and how useful the item will be in your life. But I have a confession- If I went to Disney alone and no one was there to watch me, I would totally buy multiple pairs of mouse ears, pajamas, a Cinderella castle, and plush dolls. And of course, a monorail play set to go around my Christmas tree.

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