11 Fabulous Walt Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Actually Use Once You Get Home


Have you ever walked through a Disney theme park and seen people with some massive Goofy hat and think, “When are they ever going to wear that ever again?” I know I sure have! Don’t be the person walking through the China pavilion with the giant rice farmer hat that gets a funny look on the airplane; get a souvenir that you’ll actually have great use for at home and be able to cherish for a very long time.

11. Disney towels – Disney sells towels and those are something you can always use! Whether it’s for getting out of the shower, a day at the pool, or going to the beach, a towel is something that will never go unused – and it will be really cute with your favorite characters of park landmarks on it!

10. Christmas ornaments – While these are more seasonal items, Disney has tons of Christmas ornaments available for sale. There’s even a shop in Magic Kingdom that’s dedicated solely for Christmas merchandise all year round! You can use Christmas ornaments every year if you celebrate this holiday, and you don’t even have to use it just for your Christmas tree if it isn’t super seasonal looking – you can even have them throughout your house on your desk or shelves to decorate your home when it isn’t on the tree.

9. Clothing – Whether it’s a t-shirt to show off your vacation or a sweatshirt for cold days and nights, clothing from Disney World is a great souvenir to take home. You can use it again and again and even though it isn’t always cold in Florida to buy a sweatshirt, it could be useful if you live north of Disney!

8. Mugs – Mugs and other drinkware are sold everywhere at Walt Disney World, even at some restaurants alongside different drinks! Mugs and cups are things you will always use so if you aren’t sure if you should splurge on that souvenir mug, go ahead! You’ll use it when you get home!

7. Artwork – Disney art is sold in many stores throughout the parks and there’s even a store dedicated to it in the Downtown Disney Co-Op and in a store in Epcot! These prints are sold by a variety of artists so there are many different styles to choose from for your personal liking. Worried that you can’t afford the art print you like? You can get a postcard! They fit in smaller picture frames and your family and friends will never know that it’s a postcard that you purchased for $5.00.

6. Umbrellas – Rainy days at Walt Disney World are not unheard of, and you can get some nice umbrellas at Disney World – if you go to Epcot, you can even get some that aren’t Disney themed, like a panda bear umbrella from the China pavilion! When you’re done using it during your trip, you can bring it home with you to save for another rainy day out of the park.

5. Shoes – Similar to clothing, shoes are something you can use every day whether or not you’re at the park. Disney sells cute canvas shoes, sneakers, and sandals and, like all of their other merchandise, some of it is more subtle than others.

4. Dining ware – Another cute way to show your love for Mickey and the gang is through dining ware, whether it’s through plates, coasters, place mats, or your tea pot – the options are almost limitless, especially with an entire section dedicated to this at World of Disney and various gift shops in the parks selling this kind of merchandise. Your dining ware and kitchen essentials can still be classy and timeless, but with some Disney magic to spruce it up!

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3. Picture frame – Walt Disney World sells various picture frames, some more simple and some more colorful and full of character (quite literally!) than others. Whether you use it for the photos taken on your trip by you or PhotoPass Photographers or for pictures you have at home, it’s a great way to have your pictures in your house while showing your love of Disney.

2. Jewelry – Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, jewelry like necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings are great ways to subtly show your love for Disney on a daily basis. You can wear a watch and keep it professional in the workplace, but upon a closer look it’s showing your love of Mickey or Minnie! Alex and Ani bracelets also come out with more and more options for bracelets that can show your love of your favorite character in a cute, classy charm bracelet.

1. Purses and backpacks – My personal favorite souvenir to get from the theme parks are bags! There are so many prints to choose from and various styles depending on your needs. You can even get designer handbags, like Vera Bradley and Dooney and Bourke, from the theme parks with Disney prints on them; Dooney and Bourke even makes limited edition bags for different events like Star Wars Weekends and runDisney races. There are tons of ways you can share your Disney Side with purses and backpacks, and they’re something you can use on a daily basis, not just in the theme park!

With these souvenir options to choose from, you can guarantee that you will get your money’s worth during your Walt Disney World vacation rather than going home and realizing you won’t use something ever again – unless you go to Disney again, of course!

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