Is Disney Springs Worth a Full Day of Your Disney World Vacation?

Is Disney Springs worth a full day?

Each day of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is precious. And with the need to make Theme Park Reservations and Lightning Lane Purchases, it seems like every minute counts more than ever. So, when you are planning out your days on the Central Florida property, so too do you have to divide time between the Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But what about Disney Springs?

Disney Springs

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Disney World’s shopping and dining center is open from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. most days and provides access to a plethora of shops and restaurants, and entertainment from a permanent Cirque du Soleil and House of Blues to Gucci and Zara, as well as other more kid-friendly options like The World of Disney and The Rainforest Cafe. It is clearly a spot to spend a Magical Disney evening, no question about that, but is it worth an entire day? The simple answer is no, but here me out.

Your day at Disney Springs should be paired with a relaxing day at your Disney Resort hotel. Theme Park days are fun but extremely tiring. According to my step tracker, my friends and I cover an average 8 miles a day just from one day spent at one of the Theme Parks. A day spent enjoying the amenities of your Disney Resort hotel allows you and your family to pace yourselves, sit back, and actually allow your visit to feel like a vacation. Sleep in, visit the gym like you said you would, try that hotel bar, and relax by the pool.

Caribbean pool

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But, let’s be honest, you can only spend so much time at a hotel pool, and you don’t want to be cooped up in the building. So, go visit Disney Springs. Go see a movie at the AMC Theater, visit the Coca Cola Store and Lego Store, knock out those souvenirs at The World of Disney, and enjoy the great non-Disney food and shopping options with some of the biggest names in both industries.

Meeting Polar Bear at Coca-Cola

Credit: Disney Springs

If you incorporate one meal, four hours is honestly enough for Disney Springs. It is not worth spending your whole day there, but if you are going to visit, don’t sacrifice time away from the Theme Parks. Add a trip to the Springs to your Resort Day.

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