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We’re Gushing Over This Wholesome Character Interaction at the Magic Kingdom

Going to any Disney Park at the Walt Disney World Resort is an experience to write home about, whether that’s the home of Cinderella Castle like Magic Kingdom or where you can stroll down Sunset Boulevard (Disney’s Hollywood Studios). There are myriad entertainment offerings for Disney fans to take in and enjoy. Of these, one of the best parts of a Disney vacation is being able to meet your favorite characters and interact with them; one recent character interaction with Happy the Dwarf at the Magic Kingdom melted our hearts.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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TikToker Dani shared a video on the platform of her young, seemingly shy son at Magic Kingdom Park, watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Dani shared that her son was dressed like Happy and that the dwarf was the child’s favorite character, and he really wanted to meet him. At first, it seems like Happy doesn’t see the child, and then does a double take and runs towards him and gives him a big hug. The interaction was one of the most wholesome ones we’ve seen in a long while.

Check it out yourself!


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 While some commenters happened to attack the mother for this video, most comments were largely supportive, including a special one from the official Disney Parks TikTok account which shared, “Happy really said “Wait is that my #1 fan?” 😄”

Many also shared their happiness that the hugs were back, and one fan chimed in, “I can confidently say that you made Happy’s day! Happy was THRILLED to see a fan!”

Tusker House Animal Kingdom

Tusker House, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park/Courtesy of Disney

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As the mom herself stated, this is truly what the Disney magic is all about. It made our day to see this wonderful character interaction with Happy the Dwarf at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort!

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