You Have to See These 5 PRECIOUS Disney Parks Moments

best disney parks moments
Credit: Disney

Going to the Disney Parks is an experience to be treasured. Going to a Disney Park is a dream vacation for many Disney Fanatics all over the world. With incredible attractions like Cinderella Castle, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, or Haunted Mansion at any domestic and international Disney Theme Park—be that Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, Disneyland Resort in Southern California, or one like Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Resort—it’s no surprise why that’s the case.

Disney makes magical moments for its Guests of all ages at the Disney Parks; they’re a true joy to witness. Here’s our round-up of five of the most precious moments at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and more.

magic kingdom disney world

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Credit: Disney

Meeting Your Favorite Disney Character

This mom shared her young baby’s first time meeting the Disney character Piglet. The young one is absolutely enamored with the cute character and is all smiles and laughs. Piglet even bumps his nose with the young one, making him giggle and look on in pure adoration.

Our hearts are melting.


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Magical Moments with Disney Cast Members

Another Disney parent shared a wonderful interaction that the Evil Queen from Snow White had with her young toddler. The child was also dressed up as the evil queen, and the Cast Member took special notice of her, taking a leisurely stroll through the Parks with the child (the parent was close behind), complimenting the little Evil Queen’s costume.

Magic was made.


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Inclusivity is a Must!

Disney Cast Members have been praised before for their efforts at making every Guest—no matter cultural background, age, or race—feel included and loved. One Guest shared the most wonderful moment with Princess Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, surprised her with the most caring interaction, and even knew ASL—American Sign Language—and was able to communicate with her.

What a beautiful interaction!


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Participating in Disney Entertainment

While the Disney Parks are for all ages, Cast Members have been known to take special notice of children and teenagers at the Parks and engage with them in unique ways. One TikTok video showed one member from the Green Army Drum Corps in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. note a boy in the audience with a pair of drumsticks, and the Cast Member walked over to the teen, and the duo played together.

Here’s a Disney Adult in the making if ever we’ve seen one.


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Disney Families are the Best Families

Disney is for everyone—but it’s especially wonderful for families. One of the main criticisms levied at Disney parents is their decision to bring young infants to Walt Disney World or Disneyland since they won’t remember it. However, one mother shared some magical moments she and her infant had, calling them “core memories.”


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One thing is for certain, there’s no place like the Disney Parks!

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