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Tips You Should Know When Visiting Disney Parks

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning a Disney vacation? A lot goes into planning the perfect Disney trip, but with some tips and advanced guidance it should be smooth sailing until you return home. Check out these tips that will make visiting Disney parks the best it can be. 1. Know what’s included with your resort stay There are ...

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How To Make The Most Of Disney Parks When It Rains

Disney World Rain

7. Head for Indoor Attractions Aren’t in the mood to wait for a ride in the rain (or being out in the rain in general), head for one of the many indoor attractions at each park! From shows like Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom, indoor thrill rides like Rock ‘n Rollercoaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or relaxing attractions like ...

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These Will Certainly Get You Thrown Out Of Disney Parks

Cinderella's Castle _ Thrown Out _ Disney Parks _ Disney Fanatic

The happiest place on earth is Walt Disney World’s nickname for a reason. Everything is supposed to be magical and an escape from your everyday life routine. It’s unfortunate though, that there are some circumstances that guests attempt to pull off and end up getting in trouble for it instead. If you ever have an idea that may go wrong, ...

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10 Disturbing Things That Have Happened at Disney Parks Over the Years

Cinderella's Castle at sunset

Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971. Over the years, there have been numerous accidents, incidents, hurricanes, etc. that have occurred at the most magical place on earth. I have listed ten disturbing incidents not only to inform, but to make future Disney guests aware of what did happen, but most likely won’t happen again. It’s easy to forget ...

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10 Of Life’s Problems That Require Immediate Treatment In Disney Parks

WDW Sign

Did you know a trip to the Disney parks is actually good for your health? While there may not be any scientific studies on the subject, Disney vacations improve your mood, bring people together, and help create magical memories that have positive long-term effects. No matter what ails you, treatment at a Disney park will help. 10. Post Exam/Graduation Stress ...

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Dividing Your Time Between Disney Parks – Tips to Help You Decide

With 4 main theme parks and 2 wonderful water parks, figuring out how to divide park time among the 6 parks at Walt Disney World is no easy task. Here’s a list of things to consider when making this decision for your trip. 1. Park Size All parks are not created equal. They’re all fabulous in their own ways, but ...

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9 Shocking Things That Have Happened At Disney World

Cinderella's Castle _ shocking Disney Stories

Disney World is one of the coolest places on Earth to visit. Crowds of people roll in there day after day for fun and adventure. Mixed in those crowds are a few bizarre people that choose to do shocking things. They are a small percentage of the visitors but can create some strange situations. Most people know how to act ...

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Top 10 Things Every Disney Rookie Needs To Know

Castle at Dusk

Disney World is a magical vacation destination with myriad options of entertainment, lodging, dining and overall fun. We’ve pulled together a list of few things that rookies might not know that can make or break your Disney experience. 10. You Won’t Get Everything On Your Disney ‘To Do’ List Done Disney is HUGE and even the most seasoned Disney expert ...

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10 Tips For A Fabulous Disney Vacation!

Castle at Dusk

Every Disney vacation, whether it’s your first or twenty-first, can be unique and exciting by doing something a little differently each time you visit. Here are a few tips to make your trip magical and memorable. 10. “Stop and Smell the Roses” Find a bench or someplace to sit in a heavily travelled area, purchase a refreshing beverage, popcorn, frozen ...

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