Park Napping Like a Pro: The 2 Best Spots for Little Ones to Nap at Disney (Plus Helpful Tips and Tricks)

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Traveling with babies, toddlers, or even young kiddos can seem overwhelming. There’s no telling whether Disney Parks will soothe or disrupt a little one’s day. While the character run-ins and rides are undeniably fun for littles, naps are paramount to happy kids—and sane parents.

When you’re basking in the bright sun at Disneyland Park with hordes of Disney Guests flanking your stroller, it seems like a nap is simply out of the question. Some little ones can nap anywhere (the dream), but others need certain conditions before succumbing to a snooze in Disneyland.

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It turns out it’s not as much about what can get in the way of a necessary nap at the Disneyland Resort—it’s about how to find the hidden gems of the Park conducive to coveted nap times.

Don’t worry—you won’t have to hurry around Disney California Adventure Park or enlist in one of the seven dwarves to chisel a quiet corner out of the Esplanade. A savvy Disney mom, @morningswithmickey, and a sleep expert, @takingcarababies, shared their top-secret trip-saving nap spots on Instagram

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Where Your Kiddo Can Catch Some Z’s

There’s nothing wrong with retiring to your hotel room when the inevitable wave of slumber strikes your little ones. But if you have older kids or want to continue venturing through the Disneyland Resort, some naptime options will blow your mind. Courtesy of @morningswithmickey and @takingcarababies, these are the two best Park napping spots in the west coast Parks.

Grizzly Peak Trails

Tucked in the California Adventure Park, the Grizzly Peak Trails are secluded from the crowds. As @morningswithmickey puts it, the waterfalls create a “built-in sound machine,” the walkway is peaceful whether you’re cosplaying the Sandman or seeking a break for yourself.

Pooh’s Corner

If you take your little critters to Pooh’s Corner, you’ll find the second spot recommended by @morningswithmickey. In a cozy, shaded area next to the ride, you can post up with your stroller(s) and take advantage of a second built-in sound machine: the waterfall. The Mickey mom @morningswithmickey also mentioned the Critter Country includes a view of the ride (and a favorite Disney character) to watch while you and the family take a break.

With these key napping locations, you can incorporate some tried-and-true sleep aids that @morningswithmickey recommends using throughout the Parks. A stroller with a deep shade, a portable sound machine (in case you can’t get to the waterfalls), and a stroller fan are excellent tools to help soothe your little ones amid Disney’s hustle and bustle.

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A universal pro tip for doing a Disney vacation with minis is to stay at a nearby Disneyland hotel. If all else fails, you head back to the Grand Californian or Anaheim Resort from Main Street, U.S.A., and return and nap in the room while they sleep.

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