Disney Guests Want EPCOT Drinking Culture to End

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Thanks to Disney’s World Showcase located in EPCOT, getting a taste of world-class cuisine and global architecture doesn’t require an international plane ticket. With imported decor, authentic dining, and international Cast Members, one of Disney’s most impressive parks gives guests a slice of 11 countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

While Disney guests rave about the international food offerings at the World Showcase, like the pretzel bread pudding at the Germany Pavilion, Disney adults flock to the countries to indulge in some global libations. With the Grand Marnier orange slush at the France Pavilion, craft beer steins in Germany, and spicy margaritas in Mexico, a challenge has emerged that dates back to The World Showcase’s debut in the early 80s: drinking around the world.

Over the last four decades, the challenge has gained popularity, but Disney guests have begun to wonder if an issue with drunk guests has emerged along with it. When the drinking culture starts eclipsing the cultural experiences at The World Showcase for other guests, it might be time to reevaluate the effects of the world’s most popular drinking game.

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Too Many Libations in the EPCOT World Showcase Nations?

Over the weekend, a Disney guest presumably spent a little too much time at La Cava del Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion, leading to a shocking scene on the wholesome ride: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. Jumping out of the ride vehicle and screaming at fellow guests, the drunk Disney guest became the symbol of what not to do while drinking around the world.

This guest wasn’t the first to cause a stammering scene after overserving herself in the parks, and fed-up Disney fan u/sbo47 took to Reddit to call out these self-fulfilling problems months before the Gran Fiesta spectacle. In the post, u/sbo47 said:

I’m sorry if this comes across as lame, but I’m noticing more and more the rowdiness and increased “drinking around the world” culture. I absolutely am not talking about people getting drinks and enjoying themselves. I absolutely love the margaritas in Mexico! I’m more referring to the people who take it to another level, and therefore making it miserable for others.

Unpopular opinion: the Epcot drinking culture is getting a little ridiculous
byu/sbo47 inWaltDisneyWorld

It’s undeniable that the Food and Wine and Garden Festivals introduce more yearly crowds that swarm the Park to snag a Nomad Lounge cocktail or get cozy at the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. While the Disney Parks get flooded with new Disney Adults on the hunt for a spiked drink at EPCOT World Showcase festivals, some Redditors like u/chuckles65 asserted the inebriation problem at The World Showcase is old news:

It’s always been like that. I worked there 17 years ago and it was the same back then. You just notice it more now that you’re older and have kids.

On the other hand, u/EyezWyde agreed that the EPCOT issue had emerged recently:

As an Orlando resident and Disney passholder, you are one million percent correct. Epcot has become the Disney bar for locals and tourists alike. As much as I enjoy the Food & Wine Festival, the rowdiness and full out drunk a’holes ruin it for the regular person. As time goes by it is getting worse. People stumbling over drunk isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘magical’.

Wine Flight Italy

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Overserved vs. Overly Assertive

Another common theme from the thread was a drunk vs. rude guest debate. Redditors recalled instances where they were snapped at in line, or a Cast Member was spoken to inappropriately at times when alcohol was nowhere to be found.

While there may have always been drunk guests roaming the World Showcase, there may not always have been camera phones to capture them in action like the Gran Fiesta debacle. It’s also worth noting that a significant response from the original post pointed to guests who may have fiestaed a bit too hard but never acted out inappropriately.

The jury may be out on the World Showcase’s cocktail culture taking on a life of its own, but one thing’s sure: the Disney magic does not enhance your alcohol tolerance.

Have you witnessed drunken Disney behavior? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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