Former Cast Member Says These Disney Guests are the Most Entitled

Worst Disney Guests
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Who are the worst tourists? One Cast Member gives us a possible answer…

Like scores of destinations around the world, the Walt Disney World Resort is a target for tourists from a variety of different states and countries.

From Singapore to Spain, from Australia to Alabama, a day at any Disney theme park can serve as a lesson in international relations, and one of the questions many have asked is which country produces the worst-behaved visitors? One former Disney World Cast Member spoke up and said the worst visitors are Americans.

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TikTok user @dappermanatee is known for sharing stories from his Disney World Cast Member days and addressed comments from his viewers that sound to have been a long time coming. Because he starts the video by shouting, “Let’s talk about Amusement Park Entitlement!

Since I started making this Disney content, I see a lot of people that will ask me, ‘Do you think people should be compensated for having to listen to Small World for more than ten minutes? Oh, people had a little water in their boat at Pirates; do you think they should sue?’” he said. “To those types of questions, I say, you know kids used to have to work in factories? We’ve all gotten far too comfortable.

Check it out:


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He explained that it is mostly the American guests and fans that demand the most compensation for being inconvenienced. “I’ve seen Europeans get their hands smashed in doors and be like, ‘Oh, that hurt. Have a good day,’” he said. “Americans almost get their hands stuck in the door and they’re like, ‘You almost crippled me!’”

When you bought a ticket, you signed a disclaimer that you will not hold Disney accountable for your problems,” he explained. “Don’t get me wrong: customer service is customer service. You should take care of people. But some people not only want to be taken care of; they want to be given a binky and a blankie.”

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With every Disney Park day, be it at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is the possibility for something to go wrong–a ride breakdown, a misstep, or some other inconvenience.

And Disney Cast Members make their attempts to be compensating and accommodating, but just like with all things there is a limit.

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  1. I agree with him. Just a comparison between the guests at DLR vs WDW is good enough to see the differences. DLR guests are mostly Americans local enough to get to DLR and they are generally rude and entitled behaving, whereas WDW draws more from everywhere and as a whole tend to be more behaved. Still obviously way more Americans, but the percentage is higher for non Americans. Plus WDW is more of a destination and family bucket list trip vs weekend trip to Disneyland with Annual Pass holders.

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