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Influencer Throws a Fit After Disney Cast Members Call Her Out

Disney Influencer Star Tours
Credit: Disney, @allymichelleboyer

A Disney influencer is under fire after allegedly arguing with a cast member and stealing from a Disneyland Park ride. Viewers recounted the incident, which the content creator streamed live on TikTok.

Social media brought an onslaught of controversy to the Disney parks. Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, do it.” Similarly, if you can imagine it, a Disney influencer has done it.

In 2022, a vlogging couple was accused of knowingly visiting Disneyland Park while ill with COVID-19. They denied the allegations, though an influencer friend later claimed they lied. The couple later amassed attention for aggressively confronting another social media star on Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, U.S.A, station with the Disneyland Railroad train arriving at the station above the Mickey Mouse floral array that greets guests in the entrance to Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney

Another influencer allegedly threw a tantrum at EPCOT’s Space 220 restaurant when cast members wouldn’t give her another family’s table. A witness claimed the self-proclaimed food reviewer insisted she needed a better table because it was her job to film at Walt Disney World Resort.

Most Disney Parks fans’ complaints about influencers are more general. It’s common to spot live streamers walking carelessly through the parks, talking during important attraction moments, or filming with their flash on. While less egregious than throwing a fit in front of hundreds of other guests, the little things add up and dampen the Disney guest experience.

Fans are desperate to stop disruptions, and they’re not staying silent. Guests constantly petition Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to manage influencer behavior. Tokyo Disney Resort is ahead of the curve with filming and live-streaming policies that effectively ban most disruptive content creation.

Mickey and Minnie mouse in front of a colorful Disney-themed bus at a Disney resort with a picturesque castle in the background.

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

These pleas renewed on Wednesday evening when TikTok influencer Ally Michelle Boyer (@allymichelleboyer) allegedly caused a scene on Star Tours at Disneyland Park. Though her livestream wasn’t saved, multiple viewers recounted the incident in a post on Reddit:


byu/Bitter_Quality_2185 inDisneyInfluencers

According to u/runningwithmiles, a guest “with an attitude” told Boyer to stop live-streaming as they boarded a Star Tours ride vehicle.

“Ally was upset and talked to a [cast member],” the viewer recalled. “The [cast member] told her live streaming, flash photography, and video is not allowed on that ride. She explained to him the guest was rude and that she live streams the park and specifically Star Tours ride weekly. She was going to ride it the next go around but instead she left because she was upset.”

Multiple viewers stated that when Boyer walked out of Star Tours, she took her 3D glasses with her. Though she claimed it was accidental, the Disney influencer allegedly responded angrily when a security cast member confiscated them.


A Disney influencer named Ally posing next to someone dressed as captain america, complete with a shield, in front of a stylized avengers logo.

Credit: @allymichelleboyer via TikTok

“She was exiting out of the park with some 3D glasses on her head,” u/Bitter_Quality_2185 explained. “One of the security [cast] members stopped her and told her to take them off and give them back.”

The viewer said Boyer returned the glasses but “started to giggle about it and [act] all childish.”

Boyer allegedly then walked back into the Disney park to ask for the security cast member’s name, even though they did nothing wrong by confiscating Disney property.

Star Tours.

Credit: Disney

“She thought she was going to get away with it,” said u/Outside-Wishbone-131. “She knew she was in the wrong.”

It’s impossible to obtain the original livestream footage of Boyer’s interactions with Disney cast members. The above story was compiled from multiple viewer reports but may not represent the events with 100% accuracy.

Should Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort create influencer-specific rules?

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