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A Walt Disney World Vet in Disneyland

It’s no secret that there is a bit of a rivalry between the two U.S. Disney Parks. Some swear by annual trips to Walt Disney World because of its size alone. Others are loyal to Disneyland since every detail was hand-picked by Walt himself. Regardless of which camp you fall in, most die-hard Disney fans have to visit both resorts ...

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You Need to Do a Few Things BEFORE Your Trip to Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

You can’t wait! You’re finally going to take a trip to Disneyland Resort in California! Could there be anything more exciting for you and your family? No—not too many things. But before you take off for your trip to the happiest place on earth, there are a few things you need to do. Here’s our list. 1. Book Your Hotel You can ...

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Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort – Which Costs More?

Disney World Or Disneyland

How much does a Disney vacation cost? Well, the answers to that question are as plentiful as the fish in King Triton’s ocean. Add to that the variables of flying or driving from a variety of different cities and this becomes a question for the ages. Our friends at Hipmunk did some extensive research and squirreled together some numbers for ...

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Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Extravaganza! 6 Things You’ll Love About It!

I know we are one of many Disney Fanatics who can’t wait to help Disneyland celebrate the 60th anniversary this summer. There is going to be special parades, shows, food, drinks AND merchandise galore. The celebrations begin May 22nd with an all-night Disney party and will continue all summer long. If you haven’t heard about all the incredible activities they ...

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Top Differences between Disney World and Disneyland

disney world _ disneyland _ differences between

Disneyland and Disney World may be related by name, but there are some glaring differences between the two parks. They may be separated by three time zones and two thousand miles of land, but they both stay true to the core Disney values. We’ll take a look at what makes these parks so different, while also remaining alike. 5) Location ...

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10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession – How to Know if You’re a Disney Fanatic!

Our readers loved Disney Fanatic’s first article entitled “10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession”. Here’s another list of symptoms you might experience if your life revolves around Disney! 10. You make a habit of checking the weather in Orlando…even with no vacation in your foreseeable future. In fact, you have Orlando programmed into your smart phone weather app. You might ...

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Disneyland Snack Crawl – 9 Delicious Treats You’ll Love

Dole Whip

I just recently planned and executed a trip to Disneyland for 12 people during the busiest time of year and far from what shows to catch or what rides to wait in line for, was the planning of getting in all the delicious foods Disneyland has to offer. We Disney addicts don’t take our snack foods lightly, and if you ...

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