The Top 5 (Lesser-Known) Corners to Escape Disney Crowds

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Disney World enthusiasts are in a theme Park league of their own. With meticulous planning, sneaky shortcuts, and Olympian-level Lightning-Lane execution, it would be safe to bet Disney fans aren’t pressed for downtime.

Even the more laid-back restaurant and shopping center, Disney Springs, is prime for action-packed activities around the world’s largest Disney store. But with winding Mine Train queues, a clock running out on Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser, and scorching summer temperatures, even the most determined Disney fans could use a break.

Despite summer break being one of Disney World’s busiest seasons for a Disney Vacation, there are subtle spots throughout the Parks where Guests can take a breather. Here are the top lesser-known corners to escape Disney crowds in no particular order.

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1. Town Center Welcome Center

World of Disney Store in Disney Springs

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Who could’ve guessed a Guest relations center could be a source of solace in the Springs? Unless you’re at a dining reservation or diving into the Disney stores, there aren’t many places to get a break from rubbing elbows with other Disney Springs Guests. With awnings, rocking chairs, and a water view, the Town Center Welcome Center is an unexpected spot to regroup.

2. Fez House

Fez House

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If escaping the crowds at Disney Springs is an obstacle, finding quiet places in the Parks is an extreme sport. EPCOT will most likely be packed with the Food and Wine Festival and Eat to the Beat, but that doesn’t mean you must be locked into the crowds. Tucked away in the Morocco pavilion at the World Showcase, the Fez House is a not-so-hidden gem. Modeled after a classic Moroccan home, detailed mosaic tile and smells of sandalwood in the Fez House make for a peaceful pause amid the summer chaos.

3. Discovery Island Trails

With Pandora drawing in rope-dropping droves of Disney Guests, it may seem impossible to get a moment of peace in the Park. You can access a magical escape thanks to a walkable attraction on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Through cave-like tunnels on a self-guided trek, you can gaze at the safari scenery while you soak in some much-needed serenity.

4. Swiss Family Treehouse

Swiss Family Treehouse

Credit: Disney

This won’t surprise OG Disney fans, but the Swiss Family Treehouse is a great spot to reset in Magic Kingdom Park. One of the first attractions opened in 1971; it’s a classic Disney sight you can explore at your own pace, sans the crowd. Little ones traveling with you can admire the 116-step trek to check out the ultimate treehouse.

5. Second Floor of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Pecos Bill

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Nestled in the Magic Kingdom near Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (former Splash Mountain) and Tortuga Tavern is an ultra-popular Quick Service dining location serving Old West favorites: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café. What most folks don’t know? A ramp with a sign indicating “Additional Seating” takes you and your food to a secret second floor where crowds cannot be found. Beating the heat and crowds while eating just about takes the cake.

With cozy corners tucked in Disney Parks, it’s possible to recharge, reset, and get back into the Disney magic with your sanity intact this summer.

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